Chapter 27

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You: Let's fight... bitch.
Norma then calls James, you grab your gun and you shoot James in the chest. He then falls to the ground.
Norma: You killed my son!
You: You kidnapped me and your son almost forced himself onto me. I'm not even done yet.
You aim your gun at Norma's head and you shoot her. She falls to the ground. You walk over to the dead bodies, you then shoot the bodies again and again. You then go look for gasoline to pour on the dead bodies. You find some in the garage, you pour gasoline on the bodies. You then turn on the gas stove and you run out of the house.

You run far away from the house and then the house explodes. You then looked at the house, it looked like your hours the night your family died.

You didn't have a way to contact Dean. You then close your eyes.
You: Castiel, I need you. I'm in trouble. I need your help please. I'm begging you.
Cas: Hello y/n.
You: Cas? Can you take me to the bunker please?
Cas: of course.
Norma: oh no you don't.
Norma: Nope.
Cas then flashes in front of Norma, he places his hand on her forehead and be burns her eyeballs out.
You cover your eyes.
Cas: Y/n, it's fine.
You: Cas, please take me home.
Cas: Of course.
Cas then walks over to you, he holds your hand and then you both flash to the bunker.
It was quiet.
You: Sammy? Dean?

No answer. You were about to cry.

Just then Dean and Sam pull up to the bunker.
You: Cas! I WANT MY DADDY!!!!
You scream that at Cas. Dean and Sam then come inside, they see you and Cas.
Dean: Y/n?
You look at Dean.
You: Daddy?
Dean then runs over to you and hugs you.
Dean: What happened?!
You: I got kidnapped by demons. I killed them. Cas helped me. But daddy...
Dean: what?
You: One of them almost forced himself onto me.
Dean: Did he?
You: No. I bit him and then I escaped. I killed him.
Dean then smiles.
Dean: I'm just glad you're okay.
You: Daddy?
Dean: Yeah?
You: Please don't let me go.
Dean: I promise baby girl.
You: Can you stay with me? Please daddy?
Dean: Of course baby girl.

Dean then takes you to his room.
Dean: I'll be up in a bit okay sweetie?
You: Okay daddy.
Dean kisses your forehead.
Dean: I love you baby girl.
You: I love you too daddy.

You then fall asleep, then there was Sam and Cas.
Sam: Dean, you have to tell her that she has to go live with her grandparents.
Dean: I know.
Cas: Dean, she's not safe here.
Dean: I know that. But I'm doing everything I can to keep her safe.
Sam: Dean, she's not even your kid.
Dean: I don't care about that sam. I love her if she was my child. I would do anything to keep her safe.
Sam: Well you better tell her that she has to go with her grandparents.

Sam and Cas leave.

Dean's POV: How can I tell y/n that she has to go live with her grandparents?
I don't want to let her go. She may not be my kid, but I love her and care for her if she was my kid. Her smile,her laugh, her eyes, her kindness. I don't want to let my precious baby girl go.

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