A Plot and a Plan

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Leoni's POV
Heading in to meet the Council again was nerve wracking to say the least. So much was at stake and it was just so incredibly personal. My Uncle Fabian had taken so much from me - the lives of my parents, my birth pack to which I was the natural heir, my freedom when he passed me to Valerie to be sold as a sex toy to the highest bidder... I shuddered as my mind went to that dark place.

Fabian had almost succeeded in killing me on the night of my Wedding... but for Logan's healing abilities and Imelda's magic stopping me bleeding out, I would be dead. In fact, I had died for a while 2 minutes according to Mel. I could only imagine the pain that Logan had felt in those minutes, unable to feel the sparks and believing he had lost me. All of these thoughts hardened my resolve to see an end to my Uncle and his reign of terror and compulsion over Silver Crescent Pack.

As Logan and I entered the large meeting room I spotted Garth the Council trainer across the room and he gave me a reassuring nod. I offered up a small smile in response.

Logan had his arm around me protectively and gently guided me to a seat near the middle of the large imposing round table. He swiftly sat down beside me and took my hand, drawing small circles on it with his thumb whilst keeping his eyes up assessing his other Council members. I could sense over the bond that he was agitated but to look at him he appeared ever the huge, calm and collected Alpha.

I took the opportunity to assess the Council members myself. I remembered most of them from my previous encounter with them. Their auras were on the whole powerful ones infused with confidence and ruthlessness. Logan's father Bryson arrived and gave my shoulder an affectionate squeeze as he walked past before sitting himself down on the other side of Logan.

I became aware of an Alpha directly across the table from me staring at me overtly. I glanced up at him, taking in his aura - he was resentful but calculated, ruthless and arrogant. His unapologetic stare had me shifting in my seat and glancing away. I linked Logan to remind me who this wolf was and why he would be staring at me so intently.

'That's Alpha Demetrius of the Cold Moon Pack... he and I have had a long term rivalry... he didn't speak with you the last time you came before the Council. He is yet to find his mate and I understand him to be somewhat jealous that I have found you my love... and that you are a Royal...'

'Do I need to be wary of him?' I asked over our link.

Logan could sense my unease and leaned in to gently kiss my head. 'You have nothing to fear from him sweetheart. I cannot help his feelings and I doubt he would ever act on them - to act on them would result in his removal from the Council. Not to mention I would probably kill him if he tried to hurt my Luna...'

I nodded subtly and glanced to the she-wolf beside Alpha Demetrius. 'Who is the older woman beside him? I feel like I recognise her?'

'That's his mother, Morgana. She is a fair minded she-wolf on the whole, a good counter balance to her son. She was here last time you came to the Council, she posed you a question regarding the manner of your parents' deaths if I recall. She possesses a gift which you may be able to sense...'

I looked at her once again, examining her aura closely, imagining touching it... It danced and flickered... then I felt myself take in a quick breath... "Logan...that's... impossible? She can see into minds... but it is limited in some way... it's hard to see clearly..."

'Indeed my love, it is possible. She possesses the gift of telepathy... though she can only use her gift if the person she wishes to read is close...still it is a fascinating gift...'

I mentally put my walls firmly up with this new knowledge, knowing that there was someone other than my Uncle with a mental talent and that she was sitting across the table from me made me feel somewhat ill at ease.

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