XXXI. Civil War

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"I understand what you are saying Jay, but it's not our place to send people to check in on him."

Jake tapped his finger on the brown wooden table. He bit his lip, not knowing if his next words will create room for critical thinking - or negative responses.

"He left 2 years ago. If he did want to come back, I believe he would have. But it seems he'd rather stay away." Jake sincerely spoke.

Jay slammed his fist on the table, causing the glasses filled with different beverages to shake.

"What do you mean he wanted to leave??! What if he was taken by someone and he had no choice but to follow?! Did you think about that??!" Jay argued.

"I did think about that, but based on the information we got from the investigation you issued - Jungwon is back in Japan, living a peaceful life." Jake replied.

"B-but how can you say he's not in danger?? Just because someone saw him doesn't mean that that's all there is. What if he has problems back at his home or whatever place he stays in??" Minji spoke.

She was on Jay's side. To both of them, the sudden disappearance of Jungwon seems highly suspicious and alarming.

"We saw it in the photographs, he works at a convenience store, goes to the mall, and walks around a park. If he were held hostage, he wouldn't be able to go outside at all." Heeseung said.

Minji looked at Heeseung, furrowing her eyebrows and looking at him with a confused expression.

"2 years. 2. Years!!! He was gone for two years and didn't bother to leave a message. You can't say that that's not alarming. Someone is probably preventing him-" Jay argued once more before getting interrupted.

"Or maybe he just doesn't care enough to write - or text, or message, or call." Heeseung sternly spoke.

"I'm sorry, what??! Hee, tell me you're joking." Minji was pissed off.

She couldn't believe that Heeseung and Jake actually think that Jungwon left on purpose and didn't care about the friendship they all had.

"He is our friend, okay?! Why are you two acting like this??"

"He is our friend-"

"Then act like it!!" Jay shouted. He and Minji were both annoyed and angry.

As both of them were shouting their statements, Heeseung and Jake tried to answer as calmly as they can - though they too were slowly getting annoyed.

"I don't mean any disrespect, but..." Sunghoon suddenly spoke.

All 4 of them stared at him, listening to what he had to say.

"Since when did Jay get so close with Jungwon?"

Jay's eyes widened, he gulped as he was attacked by a question he can't dodge.

"I understand where Minji is coming from, I just want to know what all this commotion is about, Jay."

"W-what are you trying to say??! What, just because I'm not as close to Jungwon as Minji is, I can't be concerned??!"

"Please don't raise your voice. I just want to know what your goal is with this."

The others stared back and forth as the two have their intense conversation.

Sunoo and Niki - the boys who haven't spoken that much - paid extra attention.

"I want to see my friend!-"

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