1.Lone Wolf

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The steady slap of my runners on the concrete and my breath coming out in measured puffs, my eyes were set ahead and nothing should bother me for this morning ritual. A good ten minute jog around the park near my apartment and then a break, shower and drive to the Station. This was the way things were day by day for me.

That shouldn't be interrupted.

By anyone.


My sensitive hearing picked up the shout and I stumbled to a stop, neck cricking when I turned to set a glare on the unwelcome person.

Short, black curls and a smile that could put the sun to shame. My eyes actually hurt meeting the bright purple irises of the stranger. Defence mode automatically kicked in, my wolf silent for once as I just glared down to the new arrival that touted trouble behind his pretty eyes. A small part of me didn't want to direct this harsh glare on the innocent pretty thing.

"You're Septimus, right?" She introduced, her voice strangely rough for a woman, but it didn't detract from the stunning features. It was almost endearing, this stupidly attractiveness of her smile.

I simply grunted, turning my eyes from her to stare over her head, not difficult to do either.

"I'm Abe Graham. Nice to meet you," She went on.

I glared. Abe? Short for Abigail? Something else most like but it was a strange nickname for a woman.

"You wannna go out for some coffee?" She asked and I immediately was on guard.

"I don't go out with women," I snapped, turning away to go back to running.

My nose picked up something surprising. Under that sweet honey and strawberry scent was... anger?

I turned back to the woman, shocked when I saw a death glare on her face. If anything, it made her ten times prettier and I was stunned as her face turned an interesting shade of blue. It made her glow before she came up and punched me. I would've reacted the second the fist clicked me on the jaw. I would have, if I wasn't stunned beyond belief at the move. My shoulder jerked back as an ache began to thrum through my bones from the surprising force.

"I'm a bloke, you Asshole!" He snarled and I'd be buggered if I didn't say that was endearing too while his eyes flared and glanced to my lips again. "You know what? F*ck you! I'm your new partner in the precinct. A MALE! Not a female!"

I was trying to find the right words when he whipped around on his heel and stalked off, leaving me astonished and mute. He'd... been a male. All along.

I growled, rubbing my shoulder. The little guy sure did pack a punch, and I groaned, wanting to leave him to his little tantrum but also wanting to follow. I hated apologising. It got to the point where I rather stick my hand in a vat of boiling oil rather than say the dreaded two words. Hey, I didn't have to necessarily apologise. I could just be the asshole I was and go talk to him, probably make him hate me even more than he did at the moment, but it was the way I did things. My attitude was half the reason I ran through so many partners at the precinct before they went to the Chief to demand another partner.

With that in mind, I shrugged my shoulders and went after the boy. Not a girl. He'd probably hit me again if I said he'd been too pretty not to be mistaken as a woman, and his slender and short form hadn't really helped that matter of confusion.

Abe was sitting at a bench, head down as he clenched his fists and unclenched. Then repeated the cycle. There was a man, his beanie thatched and worn, covering greasy dreadlocks. The guy probably thought he was a lady-killer as he not so subtely flirted with an unresponsive Abe. I watched them a little longer, confused. Was Abe, the intially cheerful and smiley guy, ignoring him?


He remained oblivious to the male and went on glaring down to the grass.

The dreads guy tapped Abe's shoulder and I blinked. Abe looked shocked for a moment, surprised. His eyes lifted to the male's lips. He wasn't listening. I recalled the events of just minutes ago and had never picked up on the way he watched my lips, tracking their movement.


"You gonna tell me your name or am I gonna get to call you mine?" Dreads asked, smirking.

That smirk was wiped away as soon as Abe drew his gun and badge. "See this?" He asked, tone the rough tenor I'd admired in stoic silence. "I'm male and a cop. Get the f*ck away from me before I shoot you and leave you to bleed out in the grass."

The dreads guy couldn't move fast enough as he scrambled away, shouting for help even as Abe holstered his gun and leaned back, letting out a heavy sigh and looking up to the endless blue sky. "F*******ccccccckkkkk," He groaned, holding his forehead.

I decided not to make a fool of myself and tap his shoulder. His eyes shot over to me and the glare returned before it simmered and he lurched forward, head in his hands propped up on his knees. "I get it all the time," He mumbled. "Girly bloke and all that. Even my guardian wondered if I was a shiela at the best of times. You'd think after someone raised you, they'd know for sure."

I sat down next to him, watching the lake feet from us. Ghouls sometimes visited here, just enjoying the scenery. As it was, I saw a rowdy Werewolf family playing fetch. The dad had shifted into an average sized russet brown wolf and was catching the frisbee his kids threw at him.

"What's the time, Mr Wolf?" I heard.

I glared down to the male, unable to believe he'd just said that. A chuckle was the answer to my disgruntled glare. "Sorry, couldn't help it. Oh, and about that punch; you deserved it, but I'm sorry. I HATE being mistaken for a woman."

I nodded. He'd apologised so it wasn't like I needed to now. "Offer still stands for the coffee though. I was drawing and I caught sight of you and decided to get the awkward introductions out of the way first."

"I'm jogging," I simply said, making sure my face was clear in his line of sight.

"Not right now," He corrected. When he saw my face, he held up his hands and grinned. "Alright! After work though; you'll be my second partner on the job and I want to get along. My last police partner was so freaking touchy I actually hit him. Sixty year old widows are the worst!"

I did something I'd never meant to do and cracked a smile at his pout.

"I work alone," I said, or more growled. I couldn't let the kid think I actually tolerated his loud and annoying existence.

"That's what all you lone wolves say; I should know. My uncle is always saying that. Stress less; you'll barely know I'm there," He waved off.

I gave him adubious frown, but stood up and decided to leave his obnoxious presence. He was too happy for me to be comfortable. A whine tore through my throat as I began to jog away without another word, feelinh his eyes on me.



A/N: Another love story with two males! I was going to do a woman, but this is much more fun to get reactions out of other characters. Trying to get out of the box I made myself... Haha! And a big influence for this start is Death Valley. One of the most amazing shows (cancelled much to my poor hearts' pain) and Stubeck and Billy are my favourite. I may not ship them, but I wouldn't be surprised... Anyways, hope you like this and comments and all that are welcome:)

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