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Chapter 1.


"Mudda, I'm going fi be fine. It's just a couple months."

"Months is like a year, Jamaica. Ya neba been away from me this long."

"Well, if it makes ya feel any better I'm staying with Chres."

"I dun know, dun make me feel any betta"

"Wa mek dun ya truss 'im ?"

"Dun know." she said

"Waevaa ya dooo, don tchya go gettin yaa self into anyte trouble, that'll get ya beat fo sho dawta."

"Aright, Mudda."

I hugged her.

"Memba, Ooman naa like bait."

I laughed, "Aright Mudda, I love ya"

"I wob ya fi, my dawta"

I boarded my plane and sat down and put the earplugs in my ear, I waved to her and she waved back, I'm usually not away from my mom this long. I know she's scared, I am too. I mean yeah Chres and I always used to hang out when we was living in New Orleans but since we moved back to Florida, I' haven't been able to see him much considering the fact that he's a rapper in his group called Mindless Behavior.

I woke up and looked around and grabbed my bag getting off the plane💁. I slept the whole way since I have a fear or heights, can't believe he talked me into doing it. I walked inside the airport and looked around and I felt a light tap on my shoulders as I was getting the rest of my things.

"Long time no see."

I turned around and, "Bare ya don come see mi"

"Well, I see ya now." he said chuckling

I smiled and we went to his car, he put my bags in his trunk

"Ah sey one ride"

"Thanks, it's your birthday Present." He said smiling



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