Chapter 2

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"Draco?" You say and Draco smiles

"Uh hey." He says not knowing if he should say I missed you

"Right sorry you do not want me to talk to you ever again." You say and Draco looked confused

"What no! Why don't you tell me why you faked your death." Draco says and you were now confused

"What? No I never did that you wrote me a letter breaking up with me you stupid ferret couldn't even do it to my face? Had to do it to the equivalent of breaking up over text." You say and Draco was shocked

"But I saw your grave stone your funeral?" Draco says really wondering if his parents did this or you faked it because you got pregnant

"Funny joke, I wouldn't have time to fake my death if you didn't realize I was pregnant with my daughter." You say and Draco stops shocked you confirming that is in fact his daughter which made him want to cry

"Y/n—" Draco tried to speak but you stop him

"No don't I don't wanna hear it I get it you left me for another girl what's her name astory something? Honestly don't care hope your happy I am I have my daughter and she makes me the happiest." You say as you then walk out and Draco wasn't happy he was tricked into an arranged marriage by thinking you were dead, they manipulated him and hurt you he's never gonna forgive his parents

Hermione and Ginny walk past Draco and walk over to you as Draco sighs

'Well since I know the truth now, I will get y/n back, first I need a divorce obviously but that'll take awhile to get done, and I need to get to know my daughter, Stella didn't she say Stella was her name? I love it so much she picked the best name for our daughter and I will get back on my princess's good side I won't lose her again.'

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