Chapter 91: Clove

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My father is dead. I didn't even get to kill him. Apparently he died on his way back to District 2, about a month ago. I wanted to kill him but I would have probably been sent to prison for murder, since Panem society is a little kinder to everyone now. It's almost October but still warm because of District 2's location. 

"Cato" I say as seductively as I can, just because he's adorable to play with. He smiles over at me and I crawl onto the bed next to him. Dagger heads downstairs, probably for her food, and I lean onto his chest. He's got a good one, so why not use it? I place my hands on his chest and feel his hard abs. He smirks up at me and I blush. I've been less worried about being what others would call 'sexual' because all the threats are gone. Snow can't sell me anymore, peace-keepers can't steal me, Patrons can't use me and Jaq is just dead.

"What do you want Clove?" he asks with a sly smirk. I kiss his cheek and shrug. I have a couple questions and an offer for him but they seem unrealistic and rushed. I look into his icy blue eyes and for a second I could swear they shift to a deep green, but it could be my reflection.

"I was wondering" I start bravely "If you wanted to see your family?" I ask quickly and look away. I don't know what his opinions about his family are, or if he'll feel awkward because mine is almost all killed. He looks at me and nods, but it seems half-heartedly. I smile at him reassuringly and he nods again, more positive and sure.

"You want to go now?" he asks almost boredly. I nod and we sit up slowly. I slip on some simple training boots, the one's from my mom and we walk around the corner to Cato's old house, which is in Victor's Village. He knocks on the door, and almost seems timid but eventually his mother answers. She looks a little older but pretty much unchanged. Her brunette hair is still in light waves. Her eyes are still a deep shade of blue and her face still angular. She's just got more wrinkles and even bags under her eyes.

"Mom" Cato says formally, as if they weren't related. "We wanted to come visit my family for once" she smiles, almost uninterested and lets us in. I look around their house, which is almost identical to our old house just different colors. 

"Cato!" Alodia yells from upstairs and Cato smiles wildly. A type of smile that even I don't get often. She runs down the stairs and practically jumps into his arms. "Is it bad if I thought you and Clove were dead?" Cato laughs lightly, but I can hear his bitterness. His parents probably told her this.

"I was wondering" Cato starts slowly. Alodia watches him intently and gestures for him to continue. "Do you want to come with us to go shopping?" he asks and I look at him confused. I didn't agree to this, but of course I'll go. Alodia nods wildly and smiles. Her mother eventually agrees and walks upstairs, maybe to find her husband. Cato holds Alodia's hand and looks older than I remember. Her hair light brown hair has grown past her shoulders and her face looks older. Something about her looks older.

"Okay where first?" Cato asks and he pulls out the wallet I made for him again. Alodia smiles and walk to a small boutique that Alodia starts to get excited for. She looks through the jewelry and finds a small ring with a rose on the top. There's a small pad to push and it opens a small space inside of the rose. She almost squeals when she sees it and shows Cato. He walks to the register and buys it quietly, looking over at us occasionally. We walk back outside and looks through some of Cato's types of stores.

"Are we going home now?" Alodia says with a pouting face, which makes her seem even older. I shrug up at Cato and he shakes his head, determined. I smile at her and we follow Cato, who's walking quicker than usual. We follow him until I start to notice where we're going, the park on the exact opposite side of our part of 2.

"What are we going here for?" I ask quietly, for some reason I'm getting nervous. While I was in the Capitol, they showed me a video of me and Cato playing in the park as little kids. It made me cry and they they drugged me to fear him for a while. I hold his hand tightly, for reassurance and we finally get there after about 10 minutes of fast-paced walking.

"I thought we could come here for old time's sake and to talk" Cato says as we sit at a wooden picnic table in the fields surround the old play-park for little kids. I slide into Cato's lap and Alodia looks at us awkwardly.

"What?" I ask defensively, but mostly for fun "It's not like we're naked" I say and Cato chuckles deeply under me. Alodia rolls her eyes but laughs with us. "So how has your life been before you learned that we weren't dead?" I ask as I try to calm my laughing a little. She looks at Cato almost nervously and smiles.

"Well dad's been going a little crazy. He was pretty paranoid that they would come for us. He wasn't really worried about us but if we shared secret information to them, even if we never learned anything. Mom has been trying to find our brothers" she says slightly bitterly and ends angrily.

Cato nods, understanding everything and I lean into him. He sighs deeply and starts to talk about our 'adventures' as he calls it. Thankfully he doesn't scare Alodia with my story just about our propos and our wedding, which none of them came to. Cato invited his oldest brother but he never showed.

"I think we should head home" Cato says and we start to walk, a lot slower, home.

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