Chapter 15:

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I stare at the bruise on my arm for a few seconds and rub my forehead.

I feel so tired from last night. I can't really think of where that came from at the moment, must have bumped into something while moving books around in the house.

"How did you get that?" my neighbor asks, placing the coffee on the kitchen table.

"Get what?"

"The bruise on your arm."

"I bumped into one tables last night last night," I say and take a sip of coffee. "I was trying to get out of the room quickly."

"Where was it?"

"In the hotel," my voice gets quiet . "The other was from tripping during the run."

"We're going to talk to Lois."


"I'ts gotten too far this time. Are there any other injuries you've gotten?"

"Jut two other small bruises, they're nothing compared to this one."

"What about the bandage on your finger?'

"Paper cut from Reading last night. I almost lost it thinking that there was blood on the page."



I go see a doctor next week to talk about my dreams. At the moment I've been taking pain medicine from the injuries I've been getting. Over time I've gotten two other bruises and a even a scratch from running through the graveyard. I try my best to keep it hidden with a long sleeven shirt or coat when i go out.

My cousin is now got the call and agreed it would be best to see someone. At first Cassandra was pretty upset with the news but as we cont. to explain to her she became calm. Lois, on the other hand was a bit upset. She knew there was something wrong for a while now and sugeested I should see a therapist.


Time skip!

"Nice to meet you Heather, I'm the Doctor."

"Nice to meet you too," I smile.

"I'm glad you were able to come in a few days notice. I was concerned when I got the call. I would done it sooner but I had been rather busy."

"Where should I put my coat?"

"You can put it on the clothes hanger right. Then take a seat."

I hang my coat on the coat hanger by the door I passed. I sit down in one of the arm chairs, my bag on the side. I look to up find the man with a bow tie in the chair across.

I didn't realize it until now.

"I've seen you before," I say.

"Yes, I bumped into you at the park a while ago. I had almost forgot."

"So you're actually a doctor?"

"Yes, I am."

"You were with Clara."

"You know Clara?"

"I met her at a coffee shop, she knows one of my friends who is also a teacher. I'm just curious, but where you guys heading to that day? It almost seemed like the same direction my friend and I were."

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