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Harry Styles

1 month later.


The smell was all too familiar and it had become something awfully common now.

And it also meant Cleo was busy having some fun without me, which wasn't fair... and it was going to get her in trouble later tonight.

I had just arrived at our small little cottage hidden in the French countryside, and the fact that there was literally nothing and no one around us but trees could be quite relaxing.

The closest town was an hour away and I had just gotten back from buying some things we needed, and Cleo said she would wait before we could torture the pathetic excuse of a man restained in our very special room. Apparently, she didn't wait.

I had rented this place for a month, paid in advance, and also in cash, and we were working on the five names listed from this region in France before we could move on to the next country, and this man she was currently torturing was actually the last.

Well, after we left New York our first stop was London.

It was easy to leave the country, that wasn't a problem yet... but now Zayn was keeping me updated on whatever be could FBI-related since dear little Amber was apparently on our side.

Yeah, I know I said she would snitch, but she didn't. And I knew it was because of Zayn.

I ended up calling him about a week after we left because I was really fucking worried about the mess we left behind and I just needed to know he was okay. Cleo trusted him as well so it wasn't a big problem to break our deal of not talking to anyone else.

Turns out Amber was still around... around Zayn, to be more specific. We never talked much so our calls couldn't be traced, but he told me he'd help, even though he had no idea of what Cleo and I were doing. Zayn always helped me when I didn't deserve it, he cared too much about me when it could literally get him in trouble.

But I did need someone on the inside... he was keeping me informed about what was going on in the city and everyone had been laying low since the fire. They were smart, probably waiting for things to calm down before taking action again.

Or maybe they were just shocked because the biggest names in the city were actually dead. Fuck, I knew this whole thing was a mess and I couldn't even begin to imagine how everyone was reacting.

I didn't have much time to dwell on that, though... the FBI was indeed after us, this wasn't any news. We were lucky because this whole operation about the trafficking was happening on the low, especially after the fire in that mansion a month ago. Truth was, they were probably fucked and as lost as hamsters in a maze.

I only communicated with Zayn through random burner phones, not too often. He knew it was me when I texted and then he let me know if there was anything too important about Cleo and I should be aware of.

Today I texted him and he replied with a warning... Amber told him that the FBI knew we were in Europe, which meant they were way too close for my taste. Zayn said I had to lay low and do my best to not be noticed, so this was probably serious.

Too bad they weren't going to catch us, we would be leaving very soon.

Cleo and I had already arranged it all and maybe that was why she decided to start torturing the guy without waiting for me.

Some of them we'd kill fast, depending on our mood. This one locked in the last room of the small hallway in our cottage deserved to be tortured before he died, though. His name was linked to seven different receipts of different girls... very young girls.

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