Part 8

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At 9:30pm, Jack and I head to bed. I change into my pajamas and Jack just puts on sweatpants and takes off his shirt. He lays down beside me and pulls me against his bare chest. 

"I'm so happy you're back, Kim." he says. 

"Me too. It's not easy being away from the only person who can make you smile no matter what." I reply. 

"I had to live knowing I was the one who made you go. And that because I made you leave, you were a single mom." he sighs. I take his face in my hands and make him look at me. 

"No." is all I say before kissing him. 


I wake up in the morning to an empty bed but I hear happy voices downstairs. I throw my wavy hair into a messy bun and go downstairs in my short shorts and tank top. I see Koen and Jack playing with power rangers in the living room together. 

"No! That's Cap'in America!" Koen tells Jack. 

"But it looks like Batman." he objects. 

"Jack, baby, that's Captain America." I say as both boys look up at me. 

"Koen, mommy hates me." Jack says. 

"Where did you get that idea?" I laugh. 

"Don't worry. Mommy's not the only one." Koen says. 

"Koen!" I laugh. He shrugs and they go back to playing with Koen's power rangers. I go into the kitchen and make pancakes for breakfast. 

"I smell food!" Jack yells as he and Koen run into the kitchen. 

"Sit." I instruct. Jack falls on his butt on the kitchen floor. Koen and I laugh at him. 

"What? I did what you commanded." he says. 

"Whatever. Here you are, Ko." I state, sliding a plate of pancakes with butter and syrup. 

"Where's my food, baby?" Jack asks, getting up. 

"On the counter when you're done being stupid." I answer. He sits beside Koen and I hand him a plate of pancakes. "Do you have to go to the dojo?" I ask Jack. 

"Uh.... yeah. Koen can come though if you want to go hang with Sloane." he offers. 

"Sure. I think he'd like hanging out with you at the dojo anyway." I reply. When we're all done with breakfast, Jack goes to help Koen dress. I get dressed in a white shirt with short shorts and a necklace. I walk downstairs and see Koen playing on his leap-pad. "Hey, Ko. Where's daddy?" I ask. 

"Getting dressed." he answers. 

"Oh. Okay." I nod. Soon Jack comes down in a dark green t-shirt and jeans. 

"You guys ready to go?" he asks. 

"Yeah. Come on, Koen." I say. 

"Where are we going, mommy?" Koen asks as he jumps up and runs over to us. 

"You're gonna go to daddy's dojo." I answer. 

"Where are you going?" Koen questions. 

"I'm going to go bother Auntie Sloane about her boyfriend Brody." I say. 

"Isn't that mean?" he asks. 

"Well, yes. But... let's just go." I awkwardly say. 

"Bad mommy." Jack says accusingly. I roll my eyes and we walk out to the car. 

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