"I know Lou I pretty awesome."

We were at it for a good ten minutes before things got crazy.The water just seemed at little to much on our wrestling.I scream because I realize some how Louis pants fell off."Eww ewww gross Louis pull up your pants next time wear better pj pants."I jumped out,fully soaked of course.I sprint down stairs screaming,"I'm scarred for life.Stupid Louis."

Everyone raced after me,Louis scream,"I'm sorry I'm sorry it's not my fault the pants aren't water resistant."

"Babe come back,"Harry said.

Liam said,"What the heck is going on?"

"So technically who won?,"Zayn asked

Niall said,"Slow down.How do you run in soaking wet clothes so perfectly?"

What the didn't know was I was leading them into a trap.I stopped in front of the pool,"Guys I seemed to have dropped my bracelet in the pool can one of you get it?"

Louis said,"I'll get for you Love."

"Thanks Lou."

Harry said,"No I'll get."

Niall,"I'm already wet let me get it."

Liam said,"I'll go in I'm a better swimmer."

Zayn said,"Nope I won't get it they got it covered."They all jumped in at the same time except Zayn because I pushed him in.I ran inside and shut the door.When they all realized I was inside they got out of the pool and banged on the door."Caitlyn let us in."

"Please kate I'm hungry,"Niall pleaded.

Liam pleaded,"Please it's Christmas."

Louis just laughed,"That was pretty good trick."

Harry said,"Babe please open the door."

I smirked and sat down back facing them,"Not till Lou says that I'm the winner."

Louis smirked,"I'm the winner." I could hear them all yelling and slapping Lou."Never!"

*3 minutes later*

"CAITLYN OPEN THIS DOOR,"They all yelled in a creepy unison"NOW,"Liam added.

"Nope not till Louis says it."

"Louis just say it already."Ya lad say it." "Say it or I'll punch you.". "I'll hate you forever Boobear if you don't say it."

Louis screamed,"FINE. CAITLYN YOU WIN."

I unlocked the door and sprinted,but the tackled me in a bone crushing hug."Ok guys I gotta go shower me and Liam have to go pick up some more food for dinner and some lunch for you guys if you get off me."

They got of me.Liam knew I was talking about going over to Kara's house.He already put our gifts for her I'm the car last night.We planned on going over there for lunch.I took a shower,straightened my hair,put on a tiny bit of red makeup.I put on a red spaghetti strap dress with golden swirls.My flats were golden.I had a gold head band on too.I went down stairs and Liam said,"You ready to go,"

Harry said,"Hey guys why do you look so spiffy?"

Luckily he was the only one in my room.So I whispered in his ear,"Harry darling we are actually going to see someone.This someone said you can come hurry up and change me and Li will be in the car."

"Ok what do I wear?"

"Something nice, but not to nice."

"Ok babe see you in a second."

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