"Sure lad."

Harry pulled me into the bathroom.Like seriously what's up with these guys,do they all love bathrooms or something.He didn't throw me in a tub luckily.We sat against the door so no one could get in.I leaned on Harry's shoulder.He smiled,"Merry Christmas eve."

I kissed his cheek and stood up.Babe I have a plan.I turned on the shower."Go get Niall bring him in here."

He did what I said.Niall came in saying,"Whats happening?"

"So your gonna Stay in here and pretend your actually taking a shower so that they can't fined me."

"What if they try to come in anyway?"

"You throw me in and I'll pretend to be in the shower.So that's the plan guys.Agreed."

They both nodded.I sat in the middle of both of them.They both held my hand.I don't know why?Maybe as like your safe Caitlyn but,like why,I know Lou and Zayn wouldn't hurt me.Like five minutes later."Hey Niall have you seen Cat women and superman?Harry or Caitlyn?"

"No guys I've been in the shower."

"How come you sound so close then?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Are you sure your not hiding Caitlyn in there?"

"I'm sure."

"Then can we come in?"

"No I locked the door and I'm in the shower so I can't get the door."

"Then we'll unlock it."


I made a face then Harry whispered,"Jump in the shower with Niall."I whipspered that to Niall,then Harry whispered again sternly this time,"All clothes on."

We both nodded and jumped into the shower.The water was cold and I made another face.Niall tried not to laugh at me,but we were suddenly stiff when we heard the door open."Harry?"Louis questioned.

"Oh hi Lou,I was just borrowing one of Nialls hair brushes."

Louis said,"Hey Nialler everything ok in there?"

Niall said looking me in the eye,"Yeah Lou everything's just wonderful."

"Hey Niall,I'm sorry but I seemed to have left me soap in their can I grab it."

"I'll just hand it to you."

"Oh it's fine I can grab it don't worry Ni inless you know have some thing to hide."

"Nope nothing to hide."

"Then sorry let me grab my soap." I clenched Niall's arm as Louis peaked his head through the curtains."Harry your girlfriends in the shower with her ex.This is quite unexpected."He rubbed his chin.Louis tried to grab me with out getting wet but,I pulled him in.He screamed,"Now your gonna get it now Cat Women."

"Now I'm not I have superman and food man on my side."

Niall said,"Really,that's my superhero name."

"Sorry couldn't think of anything else."

"Well Miss Cat I have The Mirror on my side your arch enemy."

I gasped,"Not him again."

I laughed at all of this.Niall grabbed me.Louis screamed,"Mirror we need you." I push Louis down and next thing I know me and Louis were wrestling in a running shower.Well this couldn't get anymore interesting,oh boy was I wrong.Harry was tackling Zayn outside the tub.Niall was trying to separate me and Louis but,we are tough cookies.We were pretty intense."Cat women you are pretty good at this."

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