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This story has a lot of reference to to the first story, so please if you don't even want to read the whole first story again, at least just was the chapter, for those who still decided to read the story without reading book1. It's chapter 22. Thanks 💋
***Monday, next week***

Cameron and I haven't talked since Friday. It's killing me that he's upset all because of Jack. Cameron has never been such the jealous type. I texted him non-stop, and nothing. No calls, texts, or even a note on my locker.

"Cam!" I said running to him, hoping that seeing me will brighten his mood. "I have my test today, and if I pass, I'll have you to thank."

He didn't say anything, as if I was completely invisible.


"I'm sorry Madison, I didn't get any sleep at all this weekend."

"Well seeing you never texted me, I wonder what made you so busy." I said sighing.

"Madison, I had to help my mom clean the garage. She took my phone the minute I got home from your house on Friday. She said me going the weekend without my phone will change my view on life."

"Oh, well did it change?"

"I realized that the sky was blue and the grass was green." He said sarcastically.

"I missed you." I said giving him a hug.

"I missed you too sweetheart. Good luck on your test, you'll do great. By the way, my mom wants you at our house for dinner."

"Okay, should be fun." I've never had a long conversation with Mrs. Dallas, so this should be an interesting dinner. After with months, we should finally do something.

I turned in my test faster than the rest. It was kinda hard, but studying with Cameron did help a little.
As usual, I saw Tess cheating on her test, looking so lost. She began to cheat on Jack's test, which frustrated him a lot.

"Just slide it over." Tess said as softly as she could.

"No, I studied hard for this." It almost hurt me seeing Tess be so low, but also a great guy like Jack go to waste. He deserved better than Tess, that's for sure.

He turned in his test, pretty fast too, giving me that look, of disappointment.


"How's the debate team and newspaper going?" Cameron said sitting down at the table. "You rarely talk about it anymore." He said holding my hand.

"Yeah, thing is, with everything that's happened lately at home, I just try to make time for it now. That's all I could say." Joining the debate team was a good call for me to do, but I've been so distracted lately, I can barely focus.

"But guess what guys?" Carter said, breaking the silence. "Since Matt's homeschooled now, and in New York City, he said he'd make a surprise visit to come visit us for the week! He's coming by tomorrow!" Carter said ecstatic. You could tell how much he missed Matt just by the look on his face. "But don't worry, I'm the new independent Carter, and he'll be staying with his cousins anyway." Said Carter. But we all knew he was screaming inside for his best friend.

"Yes! I missed Matt so much, he's the funniest guy I've ever met."

"Wait dude, did you just say a surprise visit?" Nash said, breaking the table's joy.

"Oh, my bad. Y'all were supposed to know." He said looking the other way.

"So he staying with his cousins?" Cameron said curiously.

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