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I woke up the next day, feeling watched.

I rubbed my eyes and looked by the door and sure enough. I was being watched.

“Really? She’s going through with this 24/7 watch thing?” I scoffed.

The guard, who I didn’t recognize, nodded.

“What a bunch of bull,” I mumbled slowly getting out of bed.

“Dr.Sage has you scheduled for a session in fifteen minutes.”

I raised an eyebrow at him as I stretched. “And you’re telling me this now? Why didn’t you wake me up earlier? Not that I’m saying I wanted you too.”

The guard shrugged, “I would have woken you in five minutes.”

I rolled my eyes, “Whatever. Could you leave so I can change?”

He nodded, “I’ll be back after your session. I’ve informed you of the time, so please be there. If not, further action will be applied.” He then turned on his heel and left my room with the click of the door.

I glared at the door. “Further action will be applied,” I mocked him in a high pitched voice.

With a huff I walked over to my bland dresser and opened my drawers. I took a quick glance out my pitiful excuse of a window and smile. Flurries were falling from the sky indicating snow. Even though we can’t go outside, the building gets slightly cold. I ended up settling on a light peach pair of sweats and a long sleeve white shirt. Satisfied, I brushed through my hair with my comb and was finished. I didn’t feel like doing anything special today. But then again, I never did. Before I left my room I made sure to slip on my white toms and then I was ready for the crappy day ahead.

As I stepped out of my room I noticed Pete and I shot him a smile. “Morning, Pete.”

He smiled back and slowly made his way over to me. “Good morning to you too, Miss. Crawford.”

I chuckled and slipped my arm through his. “Again Pete. It’s Jess.”

He gave me a goofy grin. “Okay. Okay. Going down…Jess?”

A huge genuine smile formed across my face, “Yes. To see Dr.Sage.”

He nodded and led me over to the lift. He swiped his card and the doors pulled open. “Have a nice session, Miss.Crawford.”

I laughed but nodded. “You never learn.”

The doors shut and down I went. I let out a big huff of air and started impatiently tapping my foot.

If Sage was really serious about all this then she better watch out. There is no way I’m going to keep calm through all of this. I’m raising hell. It’s what I do best.

The doors dinged opened shattering my thoughts and lowering my mood even more. I was back to the same medical like hallway where my doom stayed to the right. With a big sigh, I slowly made my way down the hall and right in front of her office.

I took a glance at the clock and I was a minute early. Normally you would catch me coming to these things late, but now these stupid guards would make me go on time.

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