Part 6

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~Kim's P.O.V.~

When we arrive back at my house, Sloane is sitting on the couch daydreaming. Jack and Koen go into the kitchen so I can have a quick girl talk with Sloane. I sit beside her criss-crossed on the couch.

"I'm guessing the date went well." I say.

"Perfect." she sighs dreamily.


"Kimber!" Sloane groans. "But I so am. Brody is just so sweet, and kind, and he hasn't changed from when I last saw him."

"Neither has Jack. Well, his hair is longer but it looks good on him." I tell her.

"Thank you." Jack says, carrying Koen and eating a cookie. Jack stands beside the couch with Koen (who is also eating a cookie) in one hand and another cookie in the other.

"You didn't tell me Jack came home with you! Kim, you totally just yelled that I'm in love!" Sloane whines as she buries her face in a pillow.

"Don't worry. It happens to us all, Slo." Jack says.

"Don't call me that." she mumbles. Then jolts upright. "Does this mean you're gonna go live with Jack?" she asks me.

"Yeah..." I trial off.

"Ooo!" Sloane says in an accusing tone.

"Sloane!" I gasp.

"Don't worry. I'm totally fine with another niece or nephew." she tells me. Now it's my turn to bury my face in a pillow.

"That might just happen." Jack says.

"Jack!" I yell as I hit him with the pillow.

"What? Just saying." he replies.

"Go away." I say. He walks out of the room with Koen so it's back to just me and Sloane.

"He's probably gonna hit you up tonight." Sloane smiles at me. I hit her with my pillow and we both laugh.

"So? The first chance you get, you'll let Brody make you pregnant. Then who will be laughing?" I ask.

"Whatever." she says. I can tell she's hiding something.

"Wait a minute, did Brody ask you to be his girlfriend?" I ask.


"OMG!" I exclaim.

"And I totally said yes." Sloane tells me.

"Hey, whenever you girls are done gossiping, we should go home, Kim." Jack says.

"You can go get Koen's things. They're in Kam's old room and nothing's unpacked." I tell him.

"Mkay." he says. He and Koen go upstairs and me and Sloane race up to our room. I quickly repack my things while Sloane retells the story of how her date went.

"I'm sorry, Sloane. But I gotta go. I'll stop by tomorrow." I tell her.

"Alright. Have fun tonight." Sloane smirks.

"You will be the end of me, I swear." I groan. I drag my suitcase downstairs and Jack helps me get it in his car. I transfer Koen's car seat to Jack's car, buckle him up, then get in the passenger seat. I wave to Sloane as we drive away and to Jack's house.

"Mommy, are we ever gonna see Auntie Sloane and gamma again?" asks Koen.

"Of course!" I answer.

"Okay. Because I'd be sad if we couldn't." Koen says. He plays with his power ranger toys as we drive to Jack's house and I can't help but smile to myself. This is how I've always wanted it to be. Me, my son, and his handsome dad driving home together after a big day. Now I finally have that.

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