S2 Chapter 37: Explosive Showdown! The Heated Up 1st Stage!!

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*The next battles for the day was about to begin and the Cruise Ship was starting to leave the California Coast and head to its next destination, the tournament was LIVE from every corner of the world and the 3rd Match for the 1st Stage was about to begin which was Shu VS Delta which would start in about an hour. Athena and Shu meet in a training room and go over a strategy*

Athena: Your opponent is Delta Akane with Diabolos, not going to be an easy opponent to beat even for you.

Shu: Well in that case, what do we know so far?

Athena: Well his bey is a Dual Spin Balance Type just like Spriggan so theres that, it's 2 rings do entirely different things: Death is used for Attack and Abyss is used for Defense and sometimes Offense. Things Spriggan are also capable of doing..

Shu: Thing is, i only use 1 ring but my Chassis has 2 modes too. A locked attack mode and a free spin defense mode.

Athena: Well i don't know, y'alls beys are too similar.. i can't think of a good strategy, i'm so sorry Shu!!

*Shu simply smiles and places his hand on her shoulder*

Shu: Dont be, i'll figure something out.


*Drum, Delta and Gwyn were all conversing on how Delta could possibly beat Shu Kurenai*

Drum: Shu Kurenai is not going to be an easy opponent to beat, his experience with blading is gonna be hard to match.

Gwyn: I faced Shu in the Legend League, he is also very strategic and analytical when it comes to his strategies. He's probably looking for a way to counter Diabolos as we speak.

Delta: Diabolos can dual spin just like his Spriggan so it doesn't matter if i go with Death or Abyss, he'll still find a way past those plus he has a mode changing chassis while i don't.

Gwyn: Both Spriggan and Diabolos are Balance Types and their defense and attack levels are the highest stats.

Drum: I know!

Delta: What is it?

Drum: Diabolos has a Wave Driver while Spriggan has a Unite' Driver! Wave is taller than Unite so Diabolos will have a height advantage, you can try attacking from above.

Gwyn: I mean it's the only option we have, Shu will probably going to come up with a wacky but a perfect strategy to defeat you so we'll just have to see.

Delta: I guess so. it doesn't matter what kind of strategy he comes up with, i'll be the one who comes out victorious. Also Gwyn you should focus on your match too, your up against Zac and his Zeus. From what i heard, his strength is the real deal even for a legend like him.

Gwyn: I got this handled, Zac isn't going to even be able last a second against us.

---A Little while later---

*Shu walked up to the lift to head on up to his match and he began to think*

Shu: Me being in Block B grants me a chance to face off with Lane in the Semi-Finals if i make it, if i make it to that point.. Lane, you had best believe that i will defeat you for sure.

*Shu walked onto the lift and it carried him up to his match and thoughts continued to rush through his head*

Shu: Athena is also wanting to go the finals with Lane as well.. If me and Lane make it to the Semi-Finals then what then? We can't both make it. I want Athena to fulfill HER goal but at the same time, i don't want to lose simply for the sake of losing and just let Lane win.. Spriggan, i don't know what to do..

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