Sneak Peek of New Series!

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Hey awesome Wattpadder!

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for and asking about: the sneak peek of my next book!


Echo Freyer is trying her hardest to be a normal eighteen year old girl. She goes to work, takes care of her younger sister, and lives a quiet life in New York.

But Echo is anything but normal. A born witch with a rare power, her kind have been hunted by the Shriekers for centuries. And try as she might, she can’t protect herself and her sister forever.

Echo thought she was safe. She thought she could hide from the Shriekers. She thought she could run from her power. She thought she could protect her heart from love.

But she will soon find out she was very, very wrong.

A YA Paranormal Romance story of sisterhood, magick, courage and true love, AWAKENED is coming to Wattpad starting Wednesday 15th April.

As I’m uploading each chapter as I write it, I won’t be uploading every day like I did with Before It Fades. My upload days will be Wednesday and Friday.


The icy wind fought against me as I trudged through the three-day-old snow on the sidewalk. At just above zero, it was the warmest it had been all winter, signaling the end of the season I so adored.

Despite the grey skies, freezing temperatures and everlasting snow storms, winter had a charm to it that I had grown to cherish since I moved to New York with my mother and sister six years earlier. Winter allowed time for solitude, for introspection and stillness.

It meant my sister, Wren, and I could spend all day in our apartment, watching movies and playing old video games without feeling like we were wasting the day.

It meant I could wrap myself in layer after layer of warm clothing, creating a much-needed barrier between me and the strangers I passed on the street. I felt hidden under all those layers, protected and invisible as I buried myself in my padded, soft jacket and faux-fur hood.

I stepped up to the entryway of the teeny-tiny bookshop I worked at, slipped my rusted key into the paint-chipped purple door and unlocked it, hoping to have another quiet, customer-free day.

New Chapter Books, as it had been named by its original owner in the early nineties, was a quaint little hole-in-the-wall, easily unnoticed by passers-by and frequented by neighborhood folk who I knew by name. I was the only employee, and it wasn’t unheard of to only have one or two customers a day, which was just how I liked it. The more time I had to dive into books and disappear into another world, the better.

The current owner didn’t make a dime from the store, but she grew up in the area and, after making a mint from opening a chain of coffee shops around the country, saved the store from closure and kept it open as a testament to her love of quirky old bookstores. Lucky for me, because the idea of finding another job and having to work with new people was enough to make me hyperventilate with anxiety. But there wasn’t much that didn’t spark anxiety in me, these days.

I had always been fairly introverted and quiet, but it wasn’t until my mother was taken that I genuinely started to fear the outside world. Panic attacks had become a common occurrence for me, just as my mother warned they would if I did not embrace my power.

She had always said that I was born with the gift to see into the hearts of others, that I could sense the vibrations of energy emanating from others like ripples in the ocean. She said that was why she named me Echo.

Her lifelong friend, a powerful seer named Sova, had told my mother of my gift when I was still in her womb. Sova had told her that one day I would come into my power, and if I was not prepared, it would overwhelm me.

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