Tauk and Talk

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Hii!! Ok so this is continued 7 years foward from the last part.
Remember Amanda adopted Kayleigh Mae, and had two twin babies McKayla and Justin. Casey has a girl named Taylor. Olivia has Paisley and adopted Gabby.
Kayleigh Mae: 16
McKayla and Justin-6 1/2

"Olivia. Are you kidding me." 14 year old Gabby yelled across the room.

"I don't care if Sophia's mom lets her go to Montauk alone. Your are not going and that final." Olivia screamed back at her.

They have been fighting for the past week about Gabby going to a concert.

"Why did I ever let you help." Gabby sneered.

"Why!" Olivia yelled storming after her.

"Because you were a scared seven year old girl in the city with no food,people who took advantage of you,who hurt you. Thats why! Because you needed me and you knew it damn well Gabrielle." Olivia yelled.

Gabby looked at Olivia.

"It was the worst mistake of my life." Gabby hissed slamming her door.

Olivia stood in front of her door just staring at it.

The teen hated fighting with her but she just loved the drama. Gabby's
nick name was Leo because she loved fighting, because her birthday was August 16th.

"Ma just calm down. She's mad at the world not you." Paisley, Olivia's 12 year old daughter said.

"Thanks Pais. What you gonna do today?" Olivia asked.

Paisley was always the peace keeper. She was always the one to take the bottle from Olivia or apologize for Gabby.

"Actually Im leaving right now. Zara and I are going shopping with Lizzie. Love ya." Paisley said grabbing her keys and wallet.

Olivia was on the couch,deciding if she should let Gabby to Montauk for the concert. It really was only about a 3 hour train ride through Long Island, but still Olivia didn't like it.

"I don't know,I guess Im just scared to let her go." Olivia said talking to her bestfriend Casey Novak on the phone. "I feel like Im failing her as a mom."

"Well think about this Liv. Did your mom ever care where you were,or who you were with." Casey said pausing allowing Olivia to respond.

"No." Olivia said realizing what Casey was talking about.

"How did it make you feel?" Casey said. She had always done this with Olivia. Calm her.

The night she was raped. The day she found out she was pregnant. The morning they both brought Paisley home from the hospital. All the time.

"It sucked Case." Olivia said shifting her position.

"Yeah. It did. Your mom failed. You are not. You're the most powerful,beautiful,fearless woman I know." Casey was the only one who could say that without Olivia getting offended.

"Thanks Case." Olivia said hearing the bedroom door open. "Come over tonight?"

"Absolutely. Ill bring pizza." Casey said hanging up.

Gabby made her way out if room with a piece of paper in her hand.

"Sign." She said to Olivia.

Olivia took it and looked it over.

"You want me to give up my rights." Olivia asked asked in disbelief.

"You should really be a detective." Gabby said in a sarcastic tone.

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