Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 

The next day at Chemistry class, North twirled a strand of hair around her finger and tried her hardest to remember the valency of Hydrogen.

It's so tough, she thought to herself. 

Her thoughts were soon interrupted when her teacher, Mrs. Candle Holder, started assigning laboratory partners. After a few painfully long seconds, North's name was called out. 

"Ms. West and.... Uh, Mr. Chan." Mrs. Holder smiled.

North felt uneasy as Harry made his way over to her, his long hair, slicked back, and wearing a white t-shirt. She hadn't spoken to him since their disastrous meeting at her house.

"Hello, North. How are you?" He smiled.

"Fine." North snapped.

All of a sudden, an idea popped into North West's head.

"Um, Harry, would you do me a favour?" North asked, full of hope.


"Okay. So,  how do I learn the valency of Hydrogen?" She cried, clearly frustrated. 

"North, it's 1." Harry spoke.

"But... How do you know? How can I remember it?" 

"How old are you again?" Harry asked, with an amused expression.

"I'm 17." She replied. 

Harry just shook his head full of conditioned hair, and let out an effeminate giggle.  

"Hey! You're Asian. Aren't you guys supposed to be smart or something? Help me." North yelled.

Harry Chan just shot her a weird look, and directed his attention towards Mrs. Holder. 

North, did the same.

"Alright, boys and girls. You must work with your assigned partners and hand in the given practical papers by next week. It has to be a joint effort." She spoke, before dismissing them. 

"Seems like we'll be working together." Harry smirked.

"Yes." North replied. 

Much to her dismay, North reluctantly agreed to work with him after school at her house. 

The last period was a drag, and North was more than happy when the bell rang, indicating the end of the day. 

She spotted Harry in the hallways, and turned green with envy as she eyed Blue Ivy talking to him. She overheard her asking him what shampoo he uses. 

So Beyoncé's daughter likes Harry Chan's hair. Apparently. 

Someone poked her shoulder and North immediately blushed upon seeing the sight in front of her. Hot.

"Hi, Hot!" She almost squealed.

"Hey, North. So, I was wondering what you thought about the offer I'd made before." Hot spoke, while shooting her his charming smile. 

"Oh, I'm definitely up for it." North managed to squeak out. 

"Yay! So you'll play with me? How about, Saturday?" He clapped.

"Sounds good!" 

"See you then. Bye, North!" Hot waved.

"Bye, Hot!" North spoke, a little too excitedly.

Suddenly, she felt Harry's presence beside her and stiffened.

"Oh, were you talking to Hot?" He asked, casually.

"Yeah." North replied nonchalantly.

Her mind raced in different directions. What if Harry likes Hot, like the rest of the school? 

What if he's been crushing on him? What if he spoils their Lego date? Is Hot interested in Harry?

"Has he played you before?" North asked, trying her best to sound calm.

"No?" Harry said. 

North smirked. Harry doesn't pose a threat to her relationship with Hottingham Nottingham the Fourth.

This was written by TD.

If only she would answer by calls and not go to sleep in the mornings, you would have gotten a faster update.


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