Embry over there he cute ^_^ lol >>>>>PIC



You run your hands across his abs

Embry unhooks your strapless bra and latches on to your left nipple and pinches your right one

You-Mhhh ahh (close your eyes)


Me and fadil finally reach the doors of embrys house and go in to our surprise there was no one there O_o

Fadil-come on we have to save YN before he tries to bite her...

Jacob-you know what the treaty says right?

Fadil-yeah 'if a cold one changes a human we can't kill him or she cause that will be there master' why do you ask

Jacob-what if he changes her?

Fadil-listen he's not going to change her

Jacob-yeah yeah yeah



Fadil-did you hear that?


Fadil-this way

Me and jacob go up the stairs

Jacob-which room do you think YN is in(looks at all 8 doors)

Fadil-lets look in all(looks in door 1)no one in here

Jacob-(looks in door 2)nada

Fadil-(looks in door 3)ghost town

Jacob-(looks in door 4)same


Embry-(kisses you)

You-(lift your head up deepening the kiss)

Embry-(pulls away) you ready (kiss your neck)


Jacob and fadil bust in!!!!!!!

Embry-NO!(Fastly gets the covers wraps it around you and stands you and him up)

A/N-yall know when vampires be going real fast? Yeah?..okay AND your back is facing his front okay on with the story

Jacob-let her go!(He says thru gritted teeth)

Embry-no she's mine(licks your neck)

Jacob-(breathing heavy)

Fadil-calm down jacob LET HER GO EMBRY!

Embry-No you can't take my baby


Jacob-shes not yours you kidnapped her and plus she's was mine and still is mine!

Embry-not any more................



I'm gonna make a squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be looking out for it

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I LOVE MY BULLY -a mindless behavior jacob perez love story

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