The Fearful

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"Ella?!" Your mother announced as Ella came charging down the stairs.

"What?! What? What's happening?!" She said worriedly as she appeared in the room with your mother's back towards her.

"Areum? What's wrong?" She asks softly

Your mother steps to the right, revealing the rose which is tethered to you.

"A petal has fallen..." your mother crept out

Ella nibbled on her bottom lips before turning her head over her shoulder to glance at the eight bodies. Yours in particular was of special interest.

There was something special about you, and she could feel it in her bones; but you weren't proving her feeling right.

What was Elise doing in that world of hers to all of you? Why couldn't any of you fight back?


Jungkook ran absentmindedly around the large castle like structure. Bursting open doors, shouting your name; all the while his brothers chased after him, hoping to quiet his voice.

But Jungkook was worried and even more so, scared. He didn't know what it was that took you but he did know that it was disgusting looking.

"This is pointless!" Jungkook shouts, "We finally make way and finally I feel like we can be whole again with her! And some—some thing has yolked her up and we all just stood there like bunch of idiots!"

"Jungkook calm down—"

"Taehyung if you tell me to calm down one more time I will fucking end you." Jungkook glared

Taehyung chuckles darkly before throwing his hands up in surrender, "Alrighty then brother."

"Jungkook he's right. We need a clear mind to get through this or mama will win." Namjoon tried to reason

"She's already won! She got our girl Joon. What more does she need?"

"Us," Yoongi reminds him, "She needs us still so... let's just go and give ourselves up."

"GiVe oUrsElveS uP," Jimin mocks, "And what? Do you think she's just going to give Ara up? The ritual needs all 8 of us. If one is missing then what would be the point? Mm?"

"Jimin's got a point. We'd be sacrificing for nothing." Jin says with an agreed nod

"So we let her sit then?" Jungkook grumbles

"We don't let her sit but we do have to play this smart. Come up with a plan of sorts." Taehyung says

"Can you deal with that Jungkook? Can you deal with us at least coming up with a plan?" Hoseok asks carefully



"I am Kim Ara! I don't know what that means to you but it means a lot to my family! Let me out of here!" You screech from the cage dangling high above the ground, that you have unwillingly been thrown into.

"Oh my god, doesn't this bitch ever shut up?!" Yells the distorted voice of the grotesque bug monster

"I will not shut up until you get me down from here!"

"You're not getting down so shut the fuck up before I come up there and drown you with spiders and cockroaches."

You gulp. If the glob could smile you'd bet he was smirking right now.

"Or maybe I'll just undo the latch and let the cage fall. Tumbling down like Humpty Dumpty."

You snicker softly, "A fairytale reference? How long did it take you to come up with that one?"

"Listen here you—"

"Quiet Celsius,"

"My apologies my Queen." 

You noticed how he bowed his head, almost as if he was shameful.

"Leave us, I want to converse with her for a moment."

You eye the figure, and by the voice, you notice it's a woman, she's wearing a black cloak with the hood over her head to hide her face.

But you don't need to see her, to know who she is.

"Elise..." you gasp out

"And how nice it is to see you too." She says as she removes her hood.

You gasp and cover your mouth with your hands.

The entirety of the left side of her face is black with red, pulsing marks spreading across. Her hair on that side is gone, leaving her with only the right side normal.

"Strange right?" She chuckles, "This is my true form... the form that I am working very hard to erase."

"W—why are you like this?" You say softly

"Why? Because my father and mother hated me and chased me away. My ancestors deemed me evil before I even had a chance, my own sister turned on me and I was never good enough... that's why!" She shouts, "But how could you sympathize? Mm? The only daughter.. beautiful and graceful in all that you are. Never knowing struggle. I knew the moment I laid eyes on you that you were the one... my eternal source... or at least part of it." She chuckles

"Why are you doing this Elise?" You ask

"I've told you why. I want to live! I want to hurt everyone who's hurt me." She says, "I want to show everyone that Elise was the stronger, the smarter and the more worthy."

"Your parents have been dead for a long time now Elise... who else must you prove yourself to?"

"Everyone." She seethes


 Ella stands over your body as your mother takes one last glance, before closing the door to leave you and your seven problems alone with Ella.

Ella waves her hand, locking the door. She needs silence, and not only that she needs to make sure no one can enter at a random moment. What Ella was about to do was going to cause a large power surge......If she were right.

For months she's had a dream, one of a powerful being and the protectors that surround her. At first, she hadn't realized what the dream meant but, now that she's met you and experienced that same feeling as the dream in person, she has questions.

Like why did she get that feeling once all of you were in one space? and Why does it feel clogged? Almost as if it's being forced from coming to the surface?

She wanted to ask your mother, but she didn't, she wouldn't. She just had to trust her gut. If you died it'd be on her but she had to try, because if she was right...Then you all just won.


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