Circle Stories

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Hey guys! Well I got bored and I remembered these stories that my class wrote in Language Arts last year. They're called circle stories, and are really random. What you do is, you get a group of people and sit in a circle. Each person has a notebook. You write down one sentence in your notebook, the beginning of the story, and then when you're done you pass the notebook to your left. Then the person on your left writes a sentence to follow yours, and passes it to their left, and so on and so on. So a lot of the time, they make no sense whatsoever and are completely random. Anyways, I hope you find them amusing!!


Circle Story #1

Once upon a time there was a smoothie place. It served up to twenty-five smoothies in a day. The owner of the smoothie place decided to make better smoothies. He had almost perfected the recipe, but he got sniped. Ah, good thing he lived! Oh no, not a noob tube! He just respawned. Then the owner got spawn trapped and kept getting whacked with a sandwich. Suddenly he was hit over the head with a pan. And he flew all the way to the moon. There, an astronaut found him. The astronaut had stopping power so the astronaut had extra damage on his Tar-21 Silencer! As the astronaut was about to shoot the other guy a bunch of aliens popped out. They saved the shop owner and showed him their secret smoothie recipe. Then, he made it and everyone loved it! But then people started to puke! It was chunky, phlegm filled, pink green and yellow puke that covered the floor. The owner had to call the janitor to mop it up. The janitor was disgusted and he happened to vomit. So they had to call ANOTHER janitor to clean it up! Ahh the next had a heart attack. The shop owner was so happy! Then he went home and never went back again.

Circle Story #2 (Unfinished)

Once there was a lonely princess. She had always wished she would meet the man of her dreams so she wandered from the castle in search of true love. Then she found one dreamy man named Kurt*. Kurt was the dragon trainer and gave the princess rides on his dragons. One dragon didn't like Kurt and when he went to ride he shot a fireball at him and it hit him. He ran around the kingdom lit on fire at people gasped. Then she met a man named Moctar, and Moctar killed Kurt and everyone loved him. They had a big parade in his honor. Kurt came back from the dead and marked everybody. RED! Everything was red. Kurt made himself the king and rose the dead to serve him. He made everybody get his needs. They were all his slaves!

Circle Story #3

Once there was a lonely princess named Coral*. Coral loved to read. Coral's parents said, "You have to get married." Coral didn't want to marry anyone. So, she set off in a balloon on a magical quest to find her destiny. She encountered talking marshmallows who tried to eat her and toenails with eyeballs. Then she met a thing called Kurt, and it was the scariest of all! She went blind. Coral kept walking into things. One day she walked into a fairy. The fairy gave Coral her eyesight back. The fairy also gave Coral her prince charming. The problem was that the prince was that Kurt thing! Kurt didn't like people so he beat her with a hoagie. He was then banished into a hole. Suddenly, Coral was blind again and fell into the hole with Kurt! She couldn't get out! 'Yes!' she thought as Kurt got burned at the stake by ants. She suddenly regained her vision and found a ladder. She put the ladder against the wall of the pit and climbed up. She was safe, and saw a REAL prince named Greg*, so she got married and lived happily ever after.

* Names have been altered for privacy reasons. And yes, the Kurt in both stories is the same Kurt.

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