Chapter 12

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• Y/N's POV
"Good morning beautiful!" Tom said
"Morning love" I replied.
"Hey, it's been a lovely month over here but, you know I have to leave to start filming I Saw the Light." He said
"Oh dear! I thought it was next week!"
"Ohh ehehehe I'm sorry love, but it was this week. I'm so so sorry."
"Tom... You don't have to be sorry, and apologize, I mean, it's your job, it just feels that this month ended so fast!"
"Yeah, yes it has. Okay, I have to leave bye love!" Tom kissed me gently.
"Bye sweetie."
Two weeks later I was preparing myself to a party of an old friend from school, she invited Tom also but I didn't think he could make it cause he was far, far away.
Getting off the taxi I saw Leslie, my birthday friend, talking to a young attractive man, I didnt realize who he was till I came closer, IT WAS TOM!!!!
"Good Lord Thomas! What are you doing here?!" I asked.
"Hey babe!" He hugged me, "I'm here for Leslie's birthday and also I missed you so much! It was the perfect excuse to come here!"
"Ohh I missed you too!" I said and kissed him. Looking back to Leslie, I said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LES!!!" I hugged her tightly.
"Thanks sweetheart!" She said "Im so happy you two could make it!"
"Of course! I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't come!" I said **Leslie is one of my dearest friends, also Tom's. She and our friends from high school, who were also invited, knew about us, they kind of figured it out, that sooner or later we would end up together. Leslie was our number one fan, she 'shiped' us.**
"Okay, let's get inside!" Said Leslie
It was a wonderful evening, reunited with our friends, we shared laughs and so many memories, it was one of those nights to remember. Us women talking about our jobs and relationships and the kids... Wops!! I mean men, well maybe kids hehehe talking about....hmm I don't know, men stuff maybe? Nevermind, it was spectacular! With Tom we left early because unlike the rest, we were working the next day, Saturday... Yep we were working on a Saturday, in all my life I thought I would work on the weekend! Yet, I would never change my job, it is the best!
• Tom's POV
After Y/N and I left Leslie's apartment we decided to walk to the hotel I was staying that night.
"It was great to meet the guys again!" I said.
"Yes! Yes it was, everyone has grown a lot! Even the boys, they seem like men right?" She answered
"Yes they do, till you start talking with them! Hehehehe they are still those immature kids we remember from high school" I joked and Y/N smiled at me.
"What a beautiful night."
"Indeed." I replied.
We entered the hotel room and Y/N got to the balcony to watch the stars.
"I don't know what shines more, the stars or your beautiful smile." I said
"Please Thomas!!! You make me blush! Stop it." She answered.
"But- but IT'S true! Hehehehe"
She bit her lower lip and looked into my eyes.
"Dont do that! Pleasee Y/N! You know what that does to me!!!" I begged.
"Ohhh what did this do to you? Would you help me remember??" She teased me and I took her in my arms and kissed her gently, played with her tongue as I reached the bed and let her go.
"Gosh your smile is even brighter now!" I said and she teased me again bitting her lower lip.
"Tom, I still don't remember" She laughed
"Seriously?" I smiled mischeviously, "then I'll help you remember, but do not forget you asked me to" I finished saying and took a moment to appreciate her beauty, those eyes she had, her perfect body, her gorgeous lips and those soft kisses.
End of chapter 12! Hope you liked it!
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