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Dylan's POV

Why am I acting surprise? I guess it's good to show around the neighborhood since she's new and all. "Come on, we should get going. It's almost 7, it'll get dark soon," I said, looking over what she was wearing. She nodded her head, looking back at Dina, to see if she was really going with me. I chuckled at her action and went back to my room to get two jacket, one for me and one for her. It's not because I like her or anything, not that way, I'm sure it'll be chilly outside. I mean, I do like her in a brother-sister way. She's cute and skinny, almost fragile, like a little sister and it makes me want to protect her.

She was waiting outside for me, I walked towards her and wrapped my jacket around her. She was shocked at first, but didn't denied my jacket and inhaled it deeply like she did the first time with my sweater. I walked downstairs and she followed right away. We walked side by side, going to the supermarket. I looked down at her and she had this 'what-should-I-ask' face. So I started the conversation.

"So, we know each other's names, I know that you're liked by Dina and Corey, and that you like inhaling my clothes, but that's it. What should I know about you?"

She was thinking, " Hmm, I really like the ramen noodles that your mom taught me to make, I only have two friends, I don't know how to cook, I recently learned how to do laundry, and I love the Friends series. It's like the best show ever!" She concluded by counting her fingers and smiling real big. I couldn't help but chuckle at her.

"So what about high school? Do you go to school?"

"I've been home-schooled my whole life." She loudly inhaled and exhaled. "I really wish I could go to a regular high school and make more friends that are my age and have sleep over and do study groups and go to football games and go to parties.." she looked at me in disbelief because I had started laughing out loud at her fantasy of high school. "What? Don't laugh! Tell me what your high school is like then." I couldn't help but turn serious as she looked at me with her big, sparkly, chocolate eyes. What am I thinking?

"Well I just try to get by, like most students at Trenton. I don't really pay attention to the cliques at my school, but I'm sure there are the "populars" and "weirdos" and "nerds". There are clubs you can join during after schools. There's tutoring instead of study groups. And the sports events are fun, I hear. I don't really have friends, but I am close with three friends, twin Annabelle and Andrew and then Ben. I don't go to school's games or study groups or sleep over and I never party. I work right after school and then work on weekends so I don't have time for friends or school related activities. If there's no work, I try to spend most of my time with Dina and Corey, especially Corey."

She was looking at me with sadness. "Why are you sad?" I asked, concerned. She replied staring right into my eyes, "I'm not sad.. I just really admire you. You already know what's beneficial for you and your family so you sacrifice all the things and funs that a teenage boy would like and spend all your time for your love ones. I'm sad because I'm jealous, I wish I could be like you."

I was looking into her eyes as well. I was about to take out a hand, from my jacket pocket, to wipe away her tears. But, she wiped it all quickly and walked away towards the supermarket. I jogged towards her and noticed a car speeding down from behind us. I shoulder hug and pushed her so that I was on the outside next to the road (it's like a road then Dylan then Emily then buildings, get it?). "I forgot to tell you, it's a bit dangerous at night around here. Like speeding cars, thief, and drunken men." She looked shocked and scared so she quickly wrapped her arms tightly around my right arms.

We arrived at the supermarket and started picking out all the ingredients on the list. During the end, there was an elderly lady that stopped us to tell us we were a cute couple. Of course, she misunderstood us because our arms were still linked, but we both denied it and said we were more like a brother-sister kinda friend. In the end, we bought everything on the list and were walking back now.

I was carrying most of the heavier bags, but I let her carry most of the lightest bags. She suddenly stopped and looked at me. I had a worried face and asked, "What? Are the bags too heavy?" she shook her head. "Do...Do you really consider me like a sister?" She was biting her lips, she must be nervous. "Yes and you can treat me as an older brother and Corey as a younger sister." I smiled down at her, she must really be alone all by herself all the time. She suddenly hugged me and said, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've always wanted siblings! It has always been my dream to know what it feels like to have siblings."
I suddenly stiffen until she let go of me. Well that was surprising. She hit me on the shoulder and cheerfully said, "Come on, I can't wait to taste your mom's cooking again." And then she started running home with me lightly jogging to catch up with her. I don't think she will be ready if I told her the truth about my relationship with Dina and Corey so I'll just push that to the back of my mind...for now.
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