Chapter 20

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It's the finally the weekend! It's 7:30 a.m. on a beautiful Saturday morning, and Lauren is coming out at 10:30 to try out Candy Girl. I'm so excited! I really hope Candy Girl is the one for Lauren, and I'm not worried about Candy Girl going to a bad home, I know she will get great care at Lucky Horseshoe, especially with Lauren looking after her.

To pass the time, I brushed all of the rescue horses until they gleamed. That took a while, because all of the horses are shedding. I made good progress on Candy Girl's coat. She looks all ready to go!

At exactly 10:30, Lauren and her mom walked in. Mom and I met them at the barn entrance, and lead them to where Candy Girl was cross tied.

"I present to you........Candy Girl!" I said like an announcer. "She's beautiful," Lauren said in awe. "I've already brushed her, but you can run a body brush over her to see how she is when you groom her. Her tack is also on the saddle rack next to her, so you can tack her up, too," I said. "Great, thanks!" Lauren said.

I watched Lauren and Candy Girl as Lauren brushed and tacked her up. They looked good together in my opinion. Soon enough, Candy Girl was tacked up and Lauren snapped her helmet on. "We're ready," she said.

We all walked outside to the outdoor arena. We reserved it for an hour and a half, so we had plenty of time to play with Candy Girl.

Lauren mounted Candy Girl and walked her around the ring in both directions, and halted her a few times to make sure she was listening. After a short while, Lauren trotted around the ring gracefully, and Candy Girl was all nice and collected. They did tons of circles, walk-trot transitions, serpentines, figure eights, and diagonals. Lauren cantered Candy Girl, and they looked like they were one whole creature. Lauren sat deep in the saddle, and they looked like they were floating around the arena. "They look great together," I whispered to Mom. "They do look good," Mom agreed. I wish Julie could see them so she would know that Lauren would be good for Candy Girl. I'm pretty sure that she's hanging out with Geronimo, though.

"Is it okay if I trot her over some trotting poles," Lauren asked. "Of course," Mom said. I was happy to see Lauren's mom beaming at how well the two were doing. They easily trotted over the poles, and I could tell that when Lauren was cooling Candy Girl out, she was excited. Once Candy Girl was cooled out, Lauren dismounted and mini squealed while hugging Candy's neck.

"How was she?" Lauren's mom asked. "She was absolutely wonderful!" Lauren said happily. "Do you think you want to come see her again?" Mom asked hopefully. Oh boy, if she says yes, that would be great! I would be so happy for Candy, and it would also be great for Lauren! "Of course I do! She was sooo smooth and so obedient! She listened to all of my commands and she wasn't lazy, but not to excited either. I love her!" she said. "Yes!" I exclaimed.


"Bye Lauren! See ya on Monday!" I called to Lauren as she walked to her car. "See ya, we'll call you about Candy Girl soon!"she called back. Lauren and Candy had really clicked. I really think they're going to adopt her. I could tell that she and her mom really liked her. I'm so glad for them. Lauren is going to try out a few other horses, but she's also going to come back and ride Candy again.

"I think I'll go take Cowboy out for a ride," I told Mom. "Okay, if you want you can start training him over trotting poles, and start his jumping training from there," Mom said. "Okay!" Yess! I'm gonna get to start jumping Cowboy in a few weeks!!!!! Yay!!!!

I walked to his stall and haltered him. "Hey boy, you ready to start trotting over some trotting poles?" I asked him. He bobbed his head, and checked my hands for treats. "Not right now boy, but after our ride I'll get you a sweet," I promised him. He seemed satisfied with that, so we walked to the cross ties and I clipped them on to his halter. I lightly brushed him since I had already brushed him earlier, and I tacked up.

As we walked to the outdoor arena, I remembered the show! I still didn't know if I was doing it yet. The show is on next Saturday, so I would have a week to practice. I'm just gonna assume that I'm doing it, so just in case I do do it, I'll have had an extra day to practice. IF I do the show, I'm planning on doing a walk and trot test. It's a schooling dressage show. I think it would be good for Cowboy to do the schooling show.

Before I mounted, I set up a few single poles all around the arena. Once they were all set up, I mounted Cowboy and warned him up. When we started trotting, I let him get his coughs out, and then brought him back down to a walk. I walked him over towards a pole, and he carefully stepped over it. "Good boy," I said. We walked over a few more poles, then I had him trot over the poles. He didn't even blink at them. He was amazing! "Awesome job boy!" I praised him. He shook his mane happily. "Ohh, you know you did a good job," I laughed. We did some more trotting poles, and then I made up a practice dressage test. As we did all of the moves, I never lost my focus. Although there were fairly easy moves in my practice test, we were doing great for barely any practice.

I cooled him out by going on a trail. It was really fun! 15 minutes later we were in sight of Hunter Creek. In 2 weeks, we would be going back to Century Farms. It's going to be bittersweet. At least I won't have to see Cindy and her little trio anymore. Only occasionally. "Now THAT will be nice," I said to Cowboy. He snorted.

When we reached the barn, I dismounted and untacked and brushed Cowboy. I put him in his field with Cloud. He was so happy to be out! He rolled in the tall grass and then grazed next to Cloud.

I went inside the barn and found Mom. "Mom, have you decided whether or not I can do the show?" I asked hopefully. "I have, and my decision is no." I was silent when she said that. No show. No practicing for the show. No show at all. "Oh," I said quietly. "I'm sorry sweetie, but I just don't know if Cowboy is ready for that," Mom said truthfully. "Okay, then can I do it on another horse?" I asked. "But who? You can't use Buddy, Tucker, Fiona, or Geronimo. Missy is a western horse, and Candy Girl might leave soon," Mom said. "I bet I could do it on Pepper!" I said. "No, one of Kristy's students is showing him in the show," Mom said. "Please can I do it? I know Cowboy's ready for it, if he's ready for jumping he's ought to be ready for this!" I cried. "No honey, but how about this: there's gonna be another schooling show at the end of May, but this one's a jumping and dressage show. If you can get Cowboy to jump and do dressage by then, I'll sign you up for that one," Mom offered. "Deal!" I said before she could take it back. Yes! I'll get to do jumping and dressage with Cowboy! I'm disappointed that I don't get to do the show, but the one in May will be really fun! I'll still be Heather's groom though. I hope it will still be fun. Oh who am I kidding, of course it will be fun! It's a HORSE SHOW!!!! I better text Heather.

MJ: I don't get to do the show :/

HS: awww, im sorry :(

MJ: it's ok, I'll still b ur groom ;)

HS: perfect! It will still b fun

MJ: ya, but I get to do the nxt show @ the end of May :D

HS: YYYAAAYYY!! I'm gonna do that 1 I think

MJ: sweet can't wait I gtg need to ride missy

HS: coolio have fun :)

And with that, I went and had an awesome ride on Missy.

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