Niam Drabble- Favorites

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Liam likes waking up next to Niall. Feeling his head rest softly against his chest, going up and down with his chest as he breaths. And when his light brown eyelashes flutter as he wakes up, his blue eyes open quickly before he shuts them again. He looks up to him and smiles, before kissing up his chest, neck, and then to his lips. Lightly, they kiss before staring into each others eyes. Chocolate brown meets ocean blue and they're glued together. And Liam thinks he can stare into those ocean blue eyes for ever.


Niall likes how Liam lets his walls down for him, and just him. Liam never cries, but when he does, its to Niall. Liam tells Niall everything, and he loves that. Niall loves hearing about his day, his life, his hopes and dreams, everything. And he knows Liam always tells the truth because he's an awful liar and can't keep a secret to save his life. Niall trusts Liam anyway because he's Liam, and he trusts him with his whole world.


Liam likes running his fingers through Niall's dyed blonde hair. Its soft, and smooth, and there are no tangles for his fingers to get stuck in. And when they make love his runs his hands through the locks and grips on. Then in the morning its clumped with sweat and Liam offers to help him wash it just to get in the shower with him. 


Niall loves Liams birthmark by his Adams apple. He liked running his thumb over in as they lay in bed, Niall's head Liam's chest. He likes leaving love bites on or next to it, and kissing it over and over as the love bite starts coming through. And when Liam talks the birthmark moves with his Adams Apple, and it bobs and he could watch it for hours because its too cute.


Liam likes Niall's hands. How they feel up his body, which makes him feel like hes ontop of the world. And his hands are always cold, so Liam holds them as they warm up and plants light kissed on his palms. And he likes how they're not to big, but not too small and they fit perfectly in his. And when Liam is sad, Niall cups his cheeks, and uses his thumbs to rub them. And Liam would do anything to hold Niall's hand forever.

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