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Chapter 9: john!?

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Dave quickly skipped down the halls of the mall pulling the reluctant John with him.

Dave had previously dragged him into a bunch of clothing stores but dave refused to buy any clothes from them because they weren't the right style. Honestly John would have been happy with a t shirt and some khakis but Dave was a persistent little shit and wouldn't let him buy just any clothes.

"Davvvveeeeee." John groaned. "We've been walking around for the past two hours. Can we sit down?"

"That's right! You humans need to rest more often then us demons." Dave spoke. He found a spot to sit and quickly popped down on the old wood bench.

"Why would you take me shopping if we're not going to buy anything?" John complained.

"Silence." Dave shushed him. "We will eventually." He grinned and jumped back up and continued walking. John groaned and reluctantly stood back up and followed a few paces behind him.

"Here!" Dave said as he quickly rushed into a store. John had neck heard of this clothing store before but he quickly dismissed it without another thought. The store was dimly lit and had dark blue walls. The walls were lined with t-shirts and ripped jeans.

"Dave!" Voice spoke from across the store. "Good to see you again."

John looked around to find the source of the voice. A few feet away stood a girl who looked about a few years older then dave and John. She had straight dark black hair with several dark blue streaks and half of her hair shaved off. She was wearing a dark blue shirt with a M on it. She had on black jeans with several rips in them. The girl had a few piercings and was wearing aviators. One of the lenses had eight dots on it.

"John, this is vriska. Vriska this is John." Dave introduced them.

"Hi vriska it's nice to meet you. " John waved.

"Nice to meet you too, kid. So what are you here for dave?" She asked looking at dave questionably.

"Clothes. John has nothing to wear." Dave replied.

"Honestly Dave I don't see why that's much of a problem for you" she smirked.

Dave rolled his eyes. "We just need something for him so others don't give us strange looks. I would be perfectly content with John having no clothes on but we don't need to attract any more attention then we already do." He said adjusting his shades. It was a bit difficult for him to see with the shop being so dark.

Vriska chuckled and started looking around for clothes for John. "What's your favourite colour?" She called to him.

"Hum. Blue i guess." He replied.

She grabbed a few pairs of black jeans and a couple blue shirts before handing them to John and pushing him towards the dressing room.

"You go try on the clothes" she said before shutting the changing room door.

John quickly undressed and put on the black jeans. He hated skinny jeans but he put up with it because it was only type of jeans he was given. He figured he would get used to them eventually.

"Come on out when you're done." Dave called from the other side of the door.

John quickly opened the door and peeked out. "The clothes fit fine thank you. "

"Okay." Dave shrugged. "I'll go get ready to pay. you get changed." John went back into the dressing room and undressed. He then changed into the old clothes and He folded the new clothes nicely before walking out.

On his way out he handed the clothes to Dave and went to look around the store a bit.

"So what's with the kid?" Vriska asked Dave curiously.

"Hum. It's a bit of a change so I thought why not." Dave shrugged.

"He's young though. What do you plan on doing with him?" She asked as she scanned the tags of the clothes.

"I've been keeping him around for company. I really do like this one vriska. There's just something about him. It makes me happier then I've been in a long time."

Vriska smiled and put the clothes in a bag for Dave.

"So how are things with meenah going?" Dave asked.

"Awful. She can barley ever sneak out to hang with me. That evil batter witch of a mother won't let her do anything." Vriska scowled. "Damn queen of the demons. Who even elected her anyways?!"

"Lord knows. But she has the leader of the hunters to watch out for. GHB is the worst. I encountered one of his sons awhile back. I barley made it out alive. I've grown stronger since then but if both of his sons teamed up against me, I'd be dead for sure." Dave shuddered.

"Isn't John a hunter though?" Brisk asked worried.

"No. His cousin is a hunter, and a pretty good one too, but dirk has him and we teamed up against them together. That's how they need here with us." Dave laughed.

"Hey Dave?" Vriska asked. "Where's John?"

Dave quickly turned around and scanned the room for John. "John?" He called. Dave began to walk around the store to see if he was hiding.
"John this isn't funny. Where are you?"

"He probably made a break for it." Vriska joked.

Dave ignored her and kept searching for John. He began to walk out of the store when something caught his eye.

He walked towards the shiny object only to be greeted with small glasses.

"These are johns.." Dave mumbled as he picked them up. He began to wonder why he left his glasses there when he noticed cracks all over his glasses.

"John!?" Dave called worried. "JOHN!!"

Happy April fools!! Hah I felt like I needed to update I've been bad at updating. I'm going to try to update once a week. Heh. We'll see how well that goes. I wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive. I know my story sucks but oh well. XD. Hahah see Ya later!

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