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I can not believe what's all been going on, Mama must don't know because she would have been tearing behinds up. Thank goodness, I walked in and not mama but I wanted Aprils head. I was about to beat that ass up with that belt until Autumn jumped in

"You saved by the bell." I told her

"Maliyah, you tripping." April said

"Oh I am ? You needed your behind beat."

"Maliyah you been gone for how long and you wanna come in here like you some big shot? Man go to hell."

I grabbed her arm and threw her back on that couch a wore her ass out with that belt until August tried getting me off and mom came in

"What's going on in here?"

"April just told me to go to hell and she's been drinking and smoking"

"You WHAT??!?!?!?" Momma said taking the belt from me

April hopped off the couch and started to run but mom wrapped her around her legs and she fell

"Autumn, get your ass over here too"

"Maya, is that even necessary? Let them go."

"August, it's because we don't whoop they asses like we used too that they think they getting away. August you need to stop treating these girls like babies! They are getting older by the second"

He sighed, "Girls go to your room."


"Go to your room girls." he said

They went up to they room

"August I can not believe you."

"Ma, he love his kids and it hurts to have to whoop the kids"

"Maliyah I'm 30 some years old and I have 4 children!!! I know that. I'm a mother and a damn good one who will tear they asses up when they get out of hand." She said throwing the belt down picking up MJ and leaving the room


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