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"Mom, I'm fine." Amber whined and tried to pull away as Natalie was trying to clean the blood off her nose and figure out if she was okay. The moment Amber walked through the door in that condition, both her mother and Mark rushed to her and tried to figure out what had happened. But Amber wasn't saying anything else other than that she was fine and that she had a stupid accident. 

But Natalie knew better than believing her, especially after everything that had occurred the last year and with the way Amber was acting.

"You have a bloody nose." Natalie responded with a concentrated look on her face. She kept her eyes on the movements she made with the piece of cotton, because she was trying not to freak out. She was really trying. "That doesn't look fine to me." She added.

Amber sighed knowing that she had to say the truth, at least part of it, because she wasn't ready to talk about everything, not yet. "It was stupid, I almost missed a red light, and I pushed the breaks a little too fast and I fell against the wheel, okay? You were right I shouldn't be driving, are you happy now?" But she didn't say why she missed the red light, because her eyes were too blurry to see anything around her. 

"Weren't you wearing a seat belt?" Mark asked the obvious. 

"I left in a hurry and I forgot. I'm just a terrible driver, okay? Can I go now?" Amber tried to stand up but Natalie pushed her back to the chair.

"It's fine-" Mark tried to speak but Natalie interrupted him.

"Where were you in the first place?" Natalie threw the bloody pieces of cotton and crossed her arms against her chest. She had that look on her face that Amber was terrified of and she could never lie to.

So Amber looked away from her as she replied. "Just with some friends."

"That..." Natalie paused as she couldn't help the disgust that was form on her face, "thing that kept calling me Mrs Harris the other day, that's your friend? What happened to Tom and Rosie?"

"I'll hung out with whoever I want to, okay?" Amber got defensive, not wanting to explain why she had pushed her friends away in the first place, or why they weren't talking to each other anymore.

"Fine" Natalie snapped, but she wasn't done with the questions. "Why were you in a hurry then?"

"Because... I... I have a test." Amber stuttered as she lied.

"And I have... a liar of a daughter." And Natalie knew her well enough to realise it. In that moment Mark took a step back, realising that there will be a lot of yelling, and all he wanted to do was remind Natalie that yelling hadn't helped her before. But he also knew that he had to stay out of it, because even if he cared about Amber, she was still Natalie's daughter and not his.

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