Chapter 1

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I woke up by the soft cheerful chirping of the birds and the sunlight coming from the window. I rubbed my eyes slightly , blinked a few times and took my phone which was kept on the small table beside.

8:00 AM it read , I checked the weather , messages and sat on my bed convincing myself to start the day.

I finally stood , wore my soft bunny looking slippers , put my phone on charge and went to the washroom to start my chores.

I took bath and came in my bedroom , I opened my closet and took out freshly ironed formal white creme coloured full sleeve shirt with a matching colour knee length skirt.

I then went to the different compartment of my closet and took a nice fresh fragrance perfume and applied it around my wrist and a little bit on my neck area covered by my clothes.

I dried my hairs , and straightened them with the comb , did a basic makeup by applying foundation , covering and setting it with a compact. I applied winged black eyeliner and wore a light pink coloured matte lipstick.

I looked myself in the full length mirror feeling satisfied with my look , I took my bag and phone and went to the drawing room.

I reached there and wished my parents , my sister a "Good morning" Getting the same thing in return with a smile.

My mom had already prepared a toast for me so I quickly ate it , I checked the time 9:03 it said , so I quickly got up as I had my interview today and I didn't wanted to be late as "First Impression is the last impression"

I said good bye to everyone , and wore a peach coloured nice mid length heel and went outside to the bus stop. As the bus arrived I went and sat near the window seat and admired the sky.

Time skip

I was now standing outside the building where I have my interview , the building was quite huge.

I took a deep breath and went inside , and it was so beautiful from inside. It had nice green plants and different coloured flowers with painting on one of the wall.

I saw a lady wearing black shirt and pant walking to me , "Good morning and welcome to the KIM INTERPRISES Please follow me." She said with a smile.

I wished her as well and followed her , I reached a nice room which said Waiting Room , she gestured me to sit and I did what she said.

"Please wait for sometime I will call your name when it will be your turn for the interview."

"Ok sure , thank you." And I wait for her to call my name.

I saw many people sitting there too waiting for their turn. I saw ladies going confidently but coming out disappointed , and this made me nervous too.

I was thinking what questions could be asked to me , when my name was called by the same lady who brought me here. I stood and followed her.

We both reached a room and she knocked there and a heavy husky voice said "Come in."

The lady beside me gestured me to go inside , I nod and went inside. I entered and closed the door behind me and when I looked forward , I swear I never saw a man like him.

He had black hairs covering his face slightly and his eyes sparkled like starts in a galaxy. He gave me a smile which got stuck in my heart.

I managed myself and smiled back a little wishing him a "Good morning sir , nice to meet you."

He said the same and told me to sit , I sat on one of the chairs taking out my documents and resume needed.

"Can you please pass me your resume?" He said , I said " Yes sir" And handed him. While giving him the resume , I noticed his beautiful soft long fingers which lightly touched my fingers.

I looked down feeling shy a little because of the skin contact. While he was checking my resume I saw his face , his face looked like literally someone sculpted him so perfectly.

"Ok miss I saw your resume , and I saw your marks as well and they are pretty good but this is your first ever job so I don't know if you will able to do this job properly."

"Yes sir I know this is my first job. But I will not disappoint you , I will definitely work hard. And if I don't , you can remove me. But I would appreciate if you would give me a chance."

What you said made Taehyung think that you were a different type of girl , he took many interviews before but girls were just weird. Some started to flirt with him showing off their clevage and act seducing , though they had worked before and had a good record.

But here you were confident with yourself and didn't beg for the job instead very smartly approached and requested for it.

This made him think that your this type of smartness can help in his business and thus he had planned to appoint you for this job.

He smiled , "Congratulations miss you are selected for this job. This is your first job so I would like to see how you work especially watching your positive and confident behavior. You can join from tomorrow , come here at 8:00 AM sharp and then you will be given all the information of your work."

"Thank you so much sir I will definitely work hard and make you proud , thank you."

You bowed and walked back outside. As soon as you came outside you were really happy that you were selected.

You quickly called your parents and gave them the good news , they were all really happy and proud.

Now you had decided to work hard and make him proud along with parents.

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