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"It was nice that something good happened after all those months." Natalie commented when her and Mark arrived back home after the night of Owen's and Cristina's wedding. "I mean, after us getting back together." She added with a small smile as she put her coat at the hanger. Mark followed her movement. 

"You look really beautiful tonight." Mark changed the subject by bringing her closer to him. He gave her a look full of love and lust. Getting compliments from Mark was something that Natalie was used of hearing, but the way he made her feel every time hadn't changed. And Mark was still taken aback by how beautiful she was. "I want to take you up at your room and unzip your dress." Mark's hands roamed at her back and played with the zipper of her dark purple dress.

"Our room." Natalie corrected him. "It's our room." She bit her lip when Mark's lips started leaving small kisses on her exposed collar bone. And she was glad that her daughter was sleeping over at her father's house that night.

"Our room." Mark repeated with his lips against her skin.

"Now you were saying something about unzipping my dress." Natalie sighed and Mark looked back at her before his eyes roamed through her body.

"I mean, it looks great on you, but I think it's going to look better on the bedroom floor."

"You did not just say that." Natalie laughed, but Mark caught her off by kissing her, and guided her towards the bedroom, making her forget about the cheesy line.

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"Andrew Perkins hasn't signed off on her. You disagree with him?" The next morning Owen was trying to convince Natalie to let Cristina scrub in on one of her cases for the day. Cristina was one of the few remaining residents that hadn't been cleared for surgery after the shooting incident. And Natalie couldn't blame her.

"No. Keeping residents out of the O.R. until they're ready is the right approach for most of them, but not for Cristina." Owen replied to her. "She won't feel like herself until she's back in surgery again. You know Yang."

"I do." Natalie agreed. "And you want to start her on an ex vivo heart reconstruction?"

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime-" 

"It is a hell of a lot of pressure is what it is." Natalie cut Teddy off who was also there to back Owen up. Cristina has been working on her survive from time to time so she also wanted to help her.

"Well, she operated on..." Owen continued. "I mean, she saved Derek Shepherd with a gun to her head. I don't think that pressure is the issue for her."

"That's not what being under pressure means." Natalie argued. "That was being scared for your life. And I know, because I was with her, I was supposed to help her and I didn't."

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