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"Somebody stop her!" you hear someone yell.

You were standing on your roof about to jump, but something was holding you back. You were afraid to jump, but you wanted to do it.

"Please don't do this (y/n)!" another voice yells.

There was a crowd of people standing in front of your three story home. "It's not worth it!" you hear someone else cry.

The people on the ground would gasp and scream just as you were about to let yourself fall off the edge, but you kept backing up.

"I want this to end," you whisper.

When you hear your front door slam close, you know someone is in your house trying to stop you. You turn your head to the right to see Louis climbing onto the roof with you.

"(y/n)? What are you doing?" he asks as he slowly walks towards you. There was panic in his voice. Louis was one of your good friends. But you didn't want to be just friends with him. You wanted to be more. He told you he didn't like you that way and you completely lost it. You started doing things you never thought you'd ever do. You were going home with strange men and leaving with a broken heart.

"I want it all to end, Louis," you say as you take a step towards the edge of the roof.

"I know what they did to you, (y/n)...but that doesn't mean you have to take it out on yourself by doing this," Louis says.

He is about a couple feet away from you when you say, "Nobody loves me, Louis. My parents don't. Those guys don't. Even you don't. You said it yourself. Why be alive if no one cares about you?"

"That's not true," he places his hand on your shoulder and gently pulls you away from the edge of the roof, "I do care about you, (y/n). I actually care about you a lot. I always have."

"You're lying." You step away from him and closer to the edge of the roof.

"No I'm not, (y/n). But I did lie to you before." You turn your head so you're looking at Louis.

"What are you talking about?" He looks down at his hands and then you.

"Step away from the edge of the roof and I'll tell you."

"Tell me now, Louis, or I'm jumping!" you scream.

"Can you at least...turn around...so I can say it to your face?" You slowly turn around so you're facing him.

"Okay, Louis. I turned around. Now tell me." You watch as he takes a deep breath and lets it out.

"I lied to you, (y/n) and I shouldn't have. When you told me that you loved me and I said I didn't feel the same...I lied."

"You're just saying that to get me not to jump. It's not going to work, Louis. I know you'll never love me because I'm messed up." You are about to turn around so you're no longer facing Louis, but he stops you and pulls you back again. His hold on you was shakey. His fingers kept tightening and loosening on your shoulders. You could see his entire body quivering. It looked like he was in pain.

"Listen to me, (y/n)! I do care about you and I do love you! Please don't do this. It will kill me if you're gone." You shut your eyes tight to keep the tears from pouring over.

"I want to believe you, Louis. I really do...but I can't," your voice cracks. You keep your eyes closed as you feel him tilting your head back. They stay closed as you feel his lips on yours. You feel your cheeks get warm as he continues to kiss you. He drops his head onto your shoulder as he places his arms around your waist so that you stay close to him.

"Please (y/n)...come back inside. I don't want to lose you," he whispers by your ear. You open your eyes and stare at Louis. Just as you are about to speak, Louis cuts in by saying, "You say nobody cares about you? The entire block is filled with people who care about you, (y/n). They don't want you to do this. I don't want you to do this." You look in the direction of the people on the street then back at Louis.

"How am I supposed to know that I won't be treated differently now because of this, Louis?" you ask.

"You won't, (y/n). I promise." He kisses you again and you both get off the roof safely. Louis stayed with you for the rest of the evening; never leaving your side as your neighbors came in to thank him for stopping you from jumping.

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