Chapter 15: Books Are Hazardous

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Tyler's POV

The break in New York was just what I needed to jump back into things. The inspiration I received there propelled and motivated me to try my hardest on this book. Getting to hear some pointers and tips from the greatest would forever leave me in debt to Winter, there was just no way I could repay her for that experience.

But for Winter, it meant she only had weeks until her mothers memorial ceremony, which meant only weeks before she had to dance I front of people... and the pressure was starting to get to her.

"Tyler?" Winter called from somewhere in the house.

"Hmm?" I replied, putting away my scattered manuscript I had been working all day on and accomplished much in that time.

"Come here for a second please." she called, her voice sounding somewhat strained. I exited my room and walked down the hallway towards her study/writing room that I was recently acquainted with.

"What's up?" I asked, taking in the scene in front of me. She was currently stretching as far as her body would allow in attempt to reach a book far up on the bookshelf. Her short rose up just a bit to show off her curvy yet toned stomach and the tattoo she had there. It was a quote of some sort but I couldn't quite make out what it said.

"Heeelllppp me." she whined, looking over at me. Her face was in a pained expression, clearly annoyed that she was too short to reach that part of the shelf which only lead me to wonder how she got the book there in the first place...

I walking over and positioned myself behind her and extended my hand parallel with hers to grab the book but before I could grasp my fingers firmly on the cover, Winter lost her balance on her toes and stumbled back into me, resulting in my arm completely whipping out all the books on the top shelf.

We both fell back with the pile of books propelling us towards the bean bag chair. I quickly switched our positions so the books would crash into my back instead of her abdomen. We fell back and I landed on top of her, my body pressed firmly against the front of hers.

She shifted her body underneath me and I hissed in pain from the piles of books digging into my back.

"Jesus Christ Winter! These books are hazardous!" I exclaimed, opening my eyes only to realize how close our faces were. Our noses were practically touching and I could hear her heavy breathing.

"S-sorry." She stuttered, looking back at me. Her cheeks took on a pink hue.

I looked back into her pale eyes, before my eyes started to slowly descend. I took in her beautiful milk chocolate freckles against her caramel skin, under her eyes and around her nose.

Her nose was petite and cute, the freckles that danced on and around it really brought out her true beauty.

I looked further down until I got to her lips. They were a luscious soft natural pink that were plump and very full. They looked all too inviting. I glanced back up at her eyes and they were fixated on my lips.

So many thought were spinning through my head, but in this moment, the were completely silenced. Not one thing was going through my mind...

...and maybe that's why I unconsciously closed the space between us.

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P.s. That picture is the quote that Winter had on her side... If you know what that's from, give yourself a pat on the back because LOTR is love and LOTR is life :)

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