I Want You To Take My Virginity

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Name: Misa no Tenshi
Looks: mid-back length dark red hair, electric green eyes, slender hourglass figure, C-cup breasts (nearly a D), fair skin
Clothes: mint green jacket with a white T-shirt underneath, black ninja yoga-type pants, ninja flats
Crush: gaara
Virgin: yes
Personality: nice, funny, caring, playful, sometimes sarcastic and stubborn, tom-boy
Extra: she's a jinchuriki of the shadow demon, Yura and is the daughter of the Kurokage, Tadashi of the shadow village, but moved to Suna to be with her crush, she can also control shadows
I nodded to the tune ringing through my ears I lay on top my bed. Closing my eyes I start humming the song pounding from my ear buds while getting comfy on my bed. Soon enough I heard my window being slammed open making me jump and tear my earphones off throwing them on the floor and look up to see.... Gaara?! I immediately take action and throw a pillow at him,
"why the heck did you do that!!!!" I screeched throwing another pillow making him chuckle as he came and gave me a hug. Looking up at him to see his cute smile that only I get to see, I pull away from the hug and stared at him with a smile, sitting down on my bed. He climbed over me slowly making my eyes widen, "W-what are you-" I get cut off by a finger placed at my lips. He stared at me hungrily as he hovered over me,
"I'm here because.... Because I- I think that...." He trailed off leaning in with his eyes closed and his lips puckered the tiniest bit. I didn't move, I was shocked, my crush.... Trying to kiss... Me? (A/N does not compute *explosion!*) My eyes immediately shut and my lips began to move against his in a slow, yet passionate kiss. We pulled away and I continued to stare... Did that really happen?
"That I love you. ... I love you, Misa... I will protect you and be with you my whole life if you just ..." He stared at me determinedly waiting for an answer,
"I love you too Gaara... I have since I met you... You're the reason I moved here... Gaara... I love you!!!!" I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him down for another kiss.
A make out session occurred and both of us really got into it. My forehead rested against his as we pulled apart... "Gaara... I want you to take my virginity," I say surprising him,
"Really? I get that privilege... Already?" He joked and started sucking harshly at my neck, searching for my soft spot. He quickly finds it as I let out a moan and claw into his back making him grunt. I throw my head to the side to give him more room as his fingers slid up underneath my shirt. He bit into my neck drawing blood making me wince but let out a tiny groan, as he licked up his mess, we sat up and I removed my jacket and threw it somewhere on the floor. Gaara stood and striped himself of clothing, leaving on only his boxers. I then copied him, only leaving on my dark green laced bra and thong.
Quickly, he pounced on me grinding our hips together as our tongues danced and his hands messaged my boobs roughly. Reaching back I unclasp my bra letting it fall to the floor, he brought his head down and wrapped his lips around my nipple as I gasp in delight.
Nipping and sucking on my now hard nipple, he slides one hand down my stomach to play with my panties lace. Slowly he rubs ever so lightly against my clit. Immediately I thrust my hips giving him a glare. He chuckles and takes off my panties and his boxers. By now I'm dripping wet, my juices running down my thighs.
(A/N she's sitting on his lap and he's sitting on the bed.)
My hand reaches down and grabs his hardened member, stroking it. He reaches around me and starts playing with my nipples and biting my neck from behind. I close my eyes in embarrassment and slide myself onto his dick.
I scream silently and drop myself completely onto him. He grunts and flips us so I was laying on the bed and he was standing, his cock still inside me. I shut my eyes and bite my lip as he moves it around a bit. But slowly the pain starts to fade. Slowly but surely, it left and the pleasurable feeling of sex came. As he moved it around again I moan. He smirks and gives me a quick kiss before his eyes turned into the Shikaku's (A/N I think thats the demons name...?). I squeak and let out a huge he moan at all the roughness put into the one thrust. He continues pounding into me recklessly having me basically screaming out his name. It was still Gaara, just with the demons power. I nodded at him and dug my nails into his arms letting him know I'm about to cum. He nods back and pulls me up, holding my ass as I wrap my arms around his neck. He bounces me up and down on his dick hitting my G-spot. I scream loudly, arching my back, squeezing my eyes shut, curling my toes as my walls tighten and our juices mixing in a hot mess. He rides out our climaxes, eyes slowly turning back to normal. He pulls out and a mixture of blood and cum spills out of me. I look at him and smile,
"Gaara~ I need a shower~" he smirks,
"And I can't hold myself up so I might need some assistance from my beloved..."
"So basically you want more sex and the you want to shower together which will again add up to more sex...?" He raises an invisible eyebrow to which I nod.
Chuckling, he shoves me back down from my sitting position,
"Get ready for a long night," he smirks.
Done. Sorry guys I haven't had much time to do my stories lately hope you forgive me!!! And I hope you like it. Requests are still closed. I have too much right now. See ya lates!!!!

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