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"What you turn into some freaky dude? " He shrugged at your accusation, making you realize that was exactly it. "It can't be that bad. "

"I hate the dark. " He rubbed his arms, seemingly uncomfortable. You walked up to him, patting his back.

"I won't turn off the lights, pinky promise. " He let go of his arms, walking back to his designated area. Which seemed to be a playground of sorts. It had a ball pit, swing sets, all that. "How come there are no kids here? " You asked, sitting on a bench. He joined, resting his head in his hands.

"Because the place isn't even open yet. " You push him lightly, rolling your eyes.

"Whatever, i just started working here so.. " You looked at the clock, which was on 8:57. You knew the place probably opened at 9 so you prepared yourself for the piles of kids.

"No excuse, friend. " he giggled but that just annoyed you. You furrowed your eyebrows at him. You wanted to ignore him but you had more questions.

"So, this freaky other side? How is it making people quit? " You needed to know why exactly, was it because it was hurting them or was it unbearably annoying?

"I don't wanna talk about it. "  As he said that, kids came barreling into the room. Some latched onto Sunnydrop and others ran straight to the playground. Sunnydrop seemed rather happy when the children came in. "Hey! " He shouted joyfully, picking up a rather grown-up child and spinning them around.  "Wanna have a sleepover?"

Your heart almost melted at that, keyword almost.

The boy was then placed down and they looked to you. He had black, fluffy hair and green eyes. He wore a green shirt which matched his shoes and his pants were a tanish-cream color.

"Who's the lady, Sunny? Another girlfriend? " the boy asked, walking towards you. "Definitely an upgrade. " He walked in circles around you, examining you.

"No, shes not my girlfriend and i've never even had any girl assistants anyway! " He yelled, his eyes seemed to glow a pink which made your face heat up slightly.

"Yeah, you're right. You could never land a girl like this. " He laughed, covering his mouth. You felt like your face was on fire, you had never been complimented like this before. 

"Pl-plus! I can't be with her, she's a human and i'm a robot! " He deflated at the word robot, which you noticed.

"We know, we know! " The black haired boy then ran off after giving Sunnydrop a smack on the back. " bye, bye Sunny! "

It was silent for awhile. You watched Sunnydrop sit back down on the bench next to you, he sighed and turned to face you. After a couple awkward moments of you two staring back and forth, you spoke.

"Sunny? Can i call you that? " You asked, placing your hands in your lap.

"Only if your willing to be my friend..unlike the others. " He told you in a slightly hurt voice. You felt a slight pang in your heart which made you look down at your hands.

You sighed, "I'll do whatever it takes." You grinned at him, he turned away from you.

You heard him gasp for air like he was going to say something and then he hummed. You turned to him, your eyebrows raised.

"Then you can be my new friend! Oh, i love new friends! " He hugged you tighly, you were surprised at first but then wrapped your arms around him. " You know, you're my first assistant who is a girl. " His cheeks glowed pink.

You smiled, a blush forming on your face too.

"Glad to be. " You told him. You opened your mouth to say something else but a high-pitched voice interrupted you. 

"I knew it, Sunny! She is your girlfriend! " The black haired boy was back again and he was giggling at you two. You raised an eyebrow as you were just talking but you soon realized you were still hugging him.

You pulled yourself back, grinning down at the boy awkwardly.

"No..she was just- " The boy Interrupted Sunnydrop again.

"Nope! You two are together! " He ran over to the bench, sliding in between me and Sunnydrop. "So? Have you kissed him yet? I mean- i know he can't kiss but like on the cheek? " He whispered to me but just enough for Sunnydrop to hear. I looked at the boy and shook my head.

"We aren't dating, Samuel! Go watch your sister or something. " He pushed the boy lightly, scooting closer to you as the kid got off the bench.

"Sure.." He winked at Sunnydrop and ran off yet again.

You heard Sunnydrop sigh, snapping you out of your thoughts.

"He's so annoying sometimes but he was my first friend who wasn't really scared of me." He turned to you, tilting his head like he was waiting for your input.

"Yeah, i'm sorry. " You nodded your head, your lips thinned slightly. "Hey, Sunnydrop- "

"Sunny. " You thought you could see his permanent smile grow bigger. "You can call me Sunny. " You felt happy he was finally being nice, it made your job easier and you could actually have a nice conversation now.

"Sunny then..i'm not scared of you. You know that, right?" You placed a hand on his and smiled.

"Oh goody! " He squeezed your hand and you removed your hand, chuckling. " Hey! Stop laughing! "

"Well, you were all happy and it was funny. " You covered your mouth, continuing to laugh. "Sorry. "

He shrugged, crossing his arms.

"Can you feel things like emotions? " You asked, you watched him turn his head slightly. "I'm sorry, i ask so many questions. " You hit your forehead, groaning before resting your hand in your head.

"No, no. It's okay. I don't know, i'm happy when the kids come in! " You smiled at him, happy with your new job. "Oh, it's lunch time! "

You looked at the clock, it read : 11:30. How time flies when you are having fun. You giggled silently as you watched Sunny jump up from the bench and run with the children to the party rooms.

Knowing it was lunch time and you brought no lunch, you just pulled out your phone and began browsing the internet.

You came across a few things that made you laugh a bit and then you kept on scrolling, sometimes you left a comment.

"Hey, y/n. Wheres your food? You're a human, right? You need to eat, right? " You turned towards the noise. Sunny stood there, a tray in his hands.

"Oh, well i do but i don't have any food and i don't have money to buy food so. " You shrugged, waving it off.

"Here!  " He handed you a sandwich off of the tray and a water bottle. "You have plenty of time to eat. I'd love to sit with you while you eat but i need to watch the children. " You pulled him down to sit with you, the tray falling out of his hands.

"Sit with me, please. " You frowned and he sighed, giving in. "So..do you like the children? "

"Yes, of course! " He tilted his head at you yet again. You smiled, your cheeks slightly heating up. "They're a bit much at times but i do like them. "

You nodded, taking a bite out of the sandwich Sunny gave you. You chewed it, savoring the taste.

"This is really good! " You said, taking another bite.

"Good to hear! " He giggled, this being his real laughter. "Oh, i got to go take care of the kids. See you! "

You waved to him slowly; he waved back, turning the corner into the party room. You let your hand fall, smiling in content.

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