It had taken exactly six days for SHINee to finally regain their strength and slide back into their normal routine.

And exactly a week since they had arrived back home, they received a call from their manager, asking them to join a meeting to discuss future plans. So far since they left England, they had been to several conferences and fan signings, though all five of the boys were happy to attend to each and every event.

"Taemin-ah!" Minho called, knocking on the bathroom door. "Can I come in? I need to brush my teeth and you've been in there for ages." Taemin's muffled cries told him that he didn't want to be disturbed - for whatever reason - but Minho wouldn't take no for an answer anymore. They had to leave in half an hour and Minho had already sacrificed a morning shower in order for Taemin to use the bathroom.

Minho pushed open the door, thankful that Taemin hadn't actually locked it (though, to be honest, he had a habit of just leaving the bathroom door open at all times. Even when taking a shower he left it unlocked).

"Taemin, what are you doing in here--" Minho started, stopping midsentence in a fit of laughter.

Taemin was sat on the edge of the bathtub, his eyes on the mirror where he could see his frowning face. He wasn't doing anything exactly, just frowning at his reflection - and Minho knew why immediately.

"Taemin! I didn't shower this morning for that?" He ran over to Taemin and hugged him, kissing his cheek.

"Yah! Get off me, I'm hideous!" Taemin cried, trying to cover his face with his hands.

"Taemin, it's a pimple. Everyone gets them. Man up, okay?" Minho chuckled, holding Taemin's hands in his own, trying to guide him out of the bathroom.

"Not me! I haven't had one since high school." Taemin pouted, blushing red. He knew he couldn't go out the house with a bright red spot on his face, especially to meet the manager-hyungs. He'd get told off for not taking care of his skin properly.

"It will go away by tomorrow," Minho persuaded, still finding it funny that the maknae was getting so worked up over something so small. "But we have to go soon, and I want to sort out my own face."

Taemin grumbled something incoherent before stating: "Well, your face is perfect the way it is. You don't need to sort it out." Minho raised his eyebrow, smirking as he walked back around Taemin to enter the bathroom himself. "Your beauty comes naturally..." Minho shut the door, laughing to himself. "Mine doesn't!" Taemin yelled, banging on the bathroom door. But it was pointless: he had been locked out of the bathroom by his own boyfriend.

He sighed and instead went to find Onew in the kitchen. "Can I use your bathroom, hyung?" Taemin said sweetly, trying to cover up the spot on his face with his hair. Onew just laughed, having heard the previous conversation and directed him over to Key and Jonghyun's bedroom.

"Key's all about skin care, Taemin. Go talk to him."

Taemin huffed, stomping away to his bedroom to try and sort out his beauty problems in peace.


"Welcome back to business, boys!" Manager-Hyung laughed, gesturing for the five members of SHINee to follow him down the corridor to his office where they would discuss plans. "We have a lot to talk about today."

Once they had taken a seat inside the office, he said: "I'm sure you've all had a nice week off in London?" All of the boys nodded and murmured their appreciation in response, smiling. "But now it's back to business. I'm sure you've heard that you have another concert coming up. We've already decided on a date, so the next couple of weeks will be spent rehearsing, correct?"

The five boys nodded.

"I'll get a list of songs that you are going to perform ready before you leave. If you have any song preferences, speak up now and I'll see what I can do."

None of them said anything.

"For now, we've got Key doing his solo, Taemin singing one of his owns songs - perhaps Danger or Ace? You can choose," he nodded at Taemin who smiled and nodded. "Again, if any of you want to go solo on stage at some point, contact me."

And the meeting continued on like that: Manager-Hyung explaining the dates and times and the locations of each tour. Three in Korea before moving back out to Japan for another two concerts.

A few hours later, the boys were getting ready to leave, thanking their manager once more and collecting up the papers and plans for the next following weeks. It seemed like they were going to have to start training tomorrow morning. They were going to have to burn off all the fat they had put on in London - none of them had the willpower to resist afternoon tea... Every afternoon.

They all left without a fuss, glad to have the rest of the afternoon off before the intense training.

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