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You stared down at your lap, clearly uncomfortable as your family sung 'happy birthday' to you. You just turned 18 and of course your family had made it a rather big deal. You could do a lot of things at this age; smoking, a job, college, and some times even move out of your parents homes.

But you wanted none of that. Your parents though, insisted on you getting a job. You hated the idea of working 9-5 in a sweaty uniform all day and having to listen to customers yap their mouths. You didn't want to deal with anyone yelling at you either, in fact, you hated discipline.

But deep down, you knew you had to get one if you wanted money to actually do things. So with that conclusion, you looked at jobs on your phone the night of. Scrolling through all the ads, none of them looked appealing. You were about to give up before one caught your eye. You clicked on it, placing your head in your hand.


'Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex' hiring at ages as early as 16! Need assistant for animatronics.

Being an animatronic assistant means: staying near the animatronic all day, keeping them in order, cleaning them up at the end of the day, making sure they don't do anything wrong, and helping them with their shows.

Freddy Fazbear is not responsible for incidents that may cause death, injuries, or trauma.


You pondered on the position, it was a unique job but you felt your friends may make fun of you for working at a childrens place and what was the last part about? you pushed those thoughts away as you hit the call button.

They picked up rather quickly and asked what you had needed. You told them you wanted to apply and you could feel the persons attitude change through the screen.

After a couple minutes of talking, you both said bye and hung up. You got the job and were expected to be seen Tuesday at 830am.

You were glad you had time to prepare for the job. If you had to work as soon as tomorrow, you might have just hung up and never showed up.

Another thing you were glad for was the fact there were no interviews. You just wanted a job, you didn't want to have to go to the place and tell them your life story before they decide if you're good enough to be an employee.

You sighed, placing your phone on your desk and plugging it in. You flopped down on your bed, it felt like rocks. The first thing you were going to do with your money, was buy a new bed. Then a apartment and then if you felt like you needed it, college. Though, if the pay were good at this Pizzaplex place, you felt like you didn't need to worry about college.

The caller had told you they would assign you an animatronic tomorrow.

You closed your eyes, trying to sleep on the pile of rocks you called a bed.


Tuesday, you woke up to the blaring sound of your alarm clock. You turned it off, turning on your side to sleep before realizing you had a job to go to today. You shot out of bed, brushing out your hair and throwing something on. They didn't tell you what to wear so you assumed you were aloud to wear anything.

You threw open your door, running downstairs and sliding on your shoes.

"Where do you have to go in such a hurry? " Your mom called down to you, peaking over the railing. Her mouth was full so her words were slightly slurred.

"Ah, a job. " You waved your hand at her like it was nothing but it excited her greatly.

"Oh! Y/n, that's great! " You heard her footsteps run away and come back. "Here take a croissant with you. " She placed the food in your hand and you placed it in your mouth after saying a quick thank you. You opened the door, dashing to the car and starting it.

The Pizzaplex wasn't that far but you were already late. You sped to the place, accidently running a few stop signs but it was fine not like it was a big crime. You ate your croissant on the way there, crumbs scattered on your face.

You parked in an employee spot and ran into the building. You probably looked like a mess,  but the lady at the desk smiled at you anyway as she waved you over. You wiped your mouth, walking over.

"Um- hello. " You waved as she did the same. She leaned forward in her rollable chair, grinning.

"Hi, welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex. I'm Noelle Dixin, and i work at the front desk. Yay! " She did a little explosion thing with her hands before she turned towards her computer. "You must be y/n, my co-worker talked with you last night. " She started typing in her computer, clicking on something before turning back to you. "Oh- " She sucked air in through her teeth, shaking her head. "Looks like you got assigned to Sunnydrop, so far, Nobody can handle him. Everyone's quit. " She opened a drawer, pulling out a lanyard and a lamented card. "Nametags! " She cheered, writing down your first and last name on the card. She hung it on the lanyard and handed it to me.

"Thank you, now where would Sunnydrop be- " I started but was interrupted by a voice.

"Right here! " You turned to the right of yourself, being met with a tall robot. Brownish-red and yellow frills are worn around his neck and waist. He also wore orange elf-like shoes with a moon symbol on them, and what looks like bells tied to red ribbons on his wrists. The inner animatronic parts of him can be seen through uncovered sections of his arms, hands and shoulders. He was definitely Sunnydrop, considering his head was in the shape of a sun. "What do you need? "

"She's your new assistant, Sunny! " Noelle smiled at the robot but he scoffed, rolling his eyes. noelle frowned at this, you guess he was usually kind.

"Another? " He crossed his arms, turning to walk away. You put the lanyard around your neck, following the tall and noticable animatronic. "I've had too many of these assistants. "

You grumbled, "I'm not quitting this job, it has good pay and i need to get out of my parents house. " You crossed his arms, copying him.

" There's one rule, keep the lights on. "

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