Chapter 22

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Tessa played with James' hair as he slept in his crib, her hands stroking them softly. 

"Tessie," She heard a voice. She turned to see Nathan standing by the window.

"Naty. What-cha doing here?"

Nathan just smiled at her as he walked around the crib, his eyes stuck on the little figure snoring softly.

"He's going to be okay, Tessa."

"I know," she whispered. "It's just I-. This was the first time he got sick with me. And I couldn't even get him to stop crying. I feel like such a horrible mother."

"There is no way in hell you could ever be a bad mother," Nathan retorted. "You are a great mother. Just by loving James. And he is going to be fine. I promise I am never going to let any harm come to that kid."

"Thank you, Nate," she whispered, placing her head on his shoulder while her eyes remained glued on her son.

"Anytime Tessie," he smiled, trying his hardest to ignore how his heartbeat quickened.

"So," Nathan started after a few seconds of comfortable silence, "Should it be Daroline or Cathid?"

"What?" Tessa chuckled.

"David and your blondie best friend's ship name," Nathan said as if he was offended she hadn't thought about this. "We've gotta tease him somehow."

"Daroline definitely," Tessa giggled. "Cathid sounds like a disease."

"Aaron said the same thing," Nathan smiled knowingly at her, suppressing the anger and jealousy he felt at the blush coating the brunette's cheeks.

"Shut up," Tessa shoved him, rolling her eyes.

Nathan chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her, bringing her closer. A knock at the door pulled them apart as Tessa's eyes met hazel ones, the eyes that always brought her comfort. 

"Hey," he smiled softly at her. 

"I-I'll leave you two alone," Nathan smiled, kissing Tessa's forehead before walking out.

"Hey," she smiled back at him as he walked towards her.

"Just a fever and a tummy ache," he whispered. "The poor doctor had to leave his own wedding after the threat you gave him."

"He was crying," Tessa exclaimed with a pout making Aaron chuckle. 

"You were great today," he said looking at her with a proud look in his eyes.

"No I wasn't," she grumbled to herself. 

"Yes, you were," he said sternly, grabbing her hand and intertwining their fingers. "At least you didn't nearly throw him out of the window."

Tessa's eyes widened as she looked at him smiling sheepishly and slowly getting up, ready to run away.

"You," she narrowed her eyes, "nearly threw our baby out of the window?"

"He was crying," he exclaimed. 

"You wanted to throw our son out of the window," she jumped at him as they toppled on the floor, rolling around as she slightly pulled at his hair, giggling. 

He quickly turned her around, switching the position, pinning her down. "Don't tell me you haven't thought of it," he said huskily.

"Of course I have," she replied chuckling. 

Tessa's breath hitched as his arm wrapped around her waist. His nose brushed against hers as he leaned in, "May I?"

Tessa's eyes flickered to his lips as she nodded. 

His lips instantly crashed on hers, molding perfectly. The kiss was soft and sweet, calm and refreshing. Like she had just taken a large gulp of air after drowning for years.

He pulled away and their eyes met, his hazel clashing perfectly with her dark brown. "Oh god-."

His lips crashed hers again, this time deeper. As if she would disappear if he let go. It was the kind of kiss that motivated stars to climb into the sky, the kind that made the sea and the sky collide. Tessa never wanted it to end. 

Her hands tangled in his already messy hair, messing it more, as he deepened the kiss, grabbing her jaw.

"God-," he mumbled breathlessly, "You're perfect Risa."

Tessa wanted to stay like that. In his arms, safe and sound. Forever.

But we don't always get what we want. 


A/N - Aaron and Tessa kissed. And yes I giggled and squealed like a schoolgirl while writing this. Also, I have decided that this will be a poly relationship. Maybe not with everyone, but most of them. But there will be a lot of drama before that.

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