Cole (26)

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"The floor is now open for ques—"

Hindi pa tapos magsalita si Prof. Priest pero nasa ere na ang kamay ni Orianna at kumakaway. Umikot si Theo paharap sa babae at mukhang sinasaway ito. She just gave him a short glance, looked backed at the teacher, and waved her hand in the air even more vigorously. Nobody can mistake her determination to be chosen.

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang ikinatatakot nitong si Orianna na hindi matawag. Siya lang naman ang nag-iisang nananabik magtanong kapag open forum na.

The exhausted sigh of our SHE teacher could be heard clearly within our small classroom. Orianna finally managed to break his cool.

"Yes, what is your question this time, Ms. Amador?"

"Why do condoms have flavors?"

Theo shifted in his seat again to fix his gaze at me.

Several of our male classmates could be heard snickering in their chairs. I gave them a quick glance and noted the worst offenders.

Our other female classmates were noticeably blushing.

And Orianna? She just sat there primly in her seat, her entire focus on the teacher.

"To make oral sex more pleasurable. The flavors cover up the taste of latex and other odors."

Kung sa ibang tao, doon na magtatapos ang lahat. Isang tanong, isang sagot. Move on. Orianna is not like other people.

"What is the point?" muli niyang tanong.

"I'm not sure I understand the question," kunot-noong sagot ni Prof. Priest. "What is the point of what? Condom? Ms. Amador, we had three sessions on contraception. I assumed you were listening and digesting the content when I had to guide your fingers over that gargantuan banana you brought to class last week. Was I wrong in my assumptions?"

Lumakas na ang tawanan ng mga kaklase naming lalaki. Orianna shifted in her seat to glare at Eno who was laughing the loudest and the hardest. Sinubukan naman ng lalaki na kontrolin ang tawa lalo na at nanlilisik na ang mata ng babae. When Eno got himself under control again, Orianna sniffed at him airily, glared, and turned to face the front and our teacher once more.

Hindi ko naman masisisi ang mga kaklase ko sa reaksiyon nila sa sinabi ng guro. That banana was really huge at nasa first row, far left pa nakaupo si Orianna. We all saw her struggle to get her hands around the girth of that fruit. It was an enthralling sight. I wanted to turn away, but I couldn't. The others must have felt the same way.

At one point, she attempted to persuade her seatmate Theo to hold the base for her so she could try placing the condom on it, but my bestfriend flat out refused. We heard her try to bargain with him, but he didn't want anything to do with her and her banana, which is understandable. Kahit siguro ako ang pinakiusapan niya, tatanggi rin ako. Her with the banana just didn't looked right!

She clumsily gripped her banana and attempted to slide the condom on it all by herself. The fruit wobbled from side to side, which irritated her. When she squeezed it to try to make it smaller, all of us boys winced collectively.


She stopped choking the life out of that banana and looked up at the teacher, perplexed.

Hindi na nakapagpigil ang guro at tumayo na sa harapan niya. Dalawa na sila ngayong nakatingin sa kawawang saging.

"Please explain to me why you brought this."

"Narinig ko pong sabi ng mga lalaki na mas malaki, mas maganda. Ito po ang pinakamalaking saging kanina sa canteen," paliwanag ni Orianna.

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