Chapter Two

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I came home to find flowers on my doorstep. Instinctively I knew they were trouble and trouble was something I had more than enough

I went to my brother Justin and asked "When did these arrive?"

"I don't know sis", he replied.

I felt the need to know more about the person they were from, so I began searching for the card.
"Did they have a card?" I asked

"Who is 'A'?"Justin asked me and that's when my fears were confirmed.

"I'll take these to the hospital tonight. Someone will appreciate them." I said stiffly ,knowing that this bouquet in the house would remind me of memories that I couldn't bear to remember.

"Ok , if that's what you would want to do but in my opinion you should just keep them because they were meant for you."

"I'll be going to the hospital now don't forget to lock the door."

"Is there any sign of dad coming out of coma?"

"None, but you know he is strong he will be able to make dont worry."

"Ok. But... "

"No buts bro. You know that he is a strong man he will make it. We just need to be strong and hopeful. Okay?" I said trying to convince myself and him altogether.

I walked out of the door with the flowers on my hand when I met a face I thought I would never see again. I was so shocked that i didn't even realise he was in front of me when all the anger i had built in all the years came flowing out of my body. the first thing that came into my mind was this couldn't be him. He wasn't the man who left me at the alter two years ago and leaving me heartbroken but when he said my name i knew this wasn't just an illusion but he was real. He was standing right in front of me.

The first thing i decided to do was turn run to the house and lock the door and never to see him again. But all in vain he snatched my hand right when i was about to turn. I tried removing his hand from the tight grip he held me, but i stopped when i realised that nothing i could do could save me from this monster in front of me today.

"Lucy STOP IT. We need to talk something very important.'' he told me in a harsh but firm voice.So i just gave up and stared at him with all the hate i had for him.

"Speak up and don't you dare think of touching me again with your filthy hands." I said.

"Okay then if that is what you wish for." He said in a tight voice.

We went inside the house where i found Justin staring at us with wide eyes but all i did was tell him to go visit his friend who was our neighbour next door so that i could talk with Aiden privately as it was an important issue. He tried to protest but after i repeated the words once again he gave up and went outside saying he would return after half an hour no less or more than that. i was finally grateful for what he did and turned to face Aiden who was staring at me with a blank face. The face i used to know was now gone. He was staring at me with no emotion showing on his face. That was when i realised i never knew anything about this man who was once my fiancee and the love of my life

"TALK." I said but what he told me next made me hate him even more than i could believe and i finally broke down as i let the tears which have been kept hidden for the last two years fall on my face heavily

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