Merryn woke up in the cell and stood near the barred window, Kar wasn't there. Outside some brown and curled leafs swirled and danced around winter would be here soon and the ships at the docks would be locked in with ice. Unbelievable, how fast everything went wrong. It would be easy, the elders said. Just take the book back home, they said. They would do it but were too busy, they said. Ha! More like they stay safe out of the wrath of the god!  

Back home. Lord of the six skys how could it be that hard to book passage on one stupid ship? If it wasn't Maxwell blocking the way then it was Kar! Setting out on this one simple mission has turned into a mess of scorpo-rats. "Feh." She rubbed her face. 

It was unusual for a human to be granted that much power, usually the gods gave a small drop or cut it down with some kind of cost. She shifted her sore feet and went over into a soiled corner sat down, and pulled the tattered cape closer. Parcival and Han, at least they were alright. He was a bright spot in this mess, as was Han. Can't ditch him anymore need to go back and fix this mess, can't leave things like they are. She sighed. Tears burned on the edge of her eyes she wiped them away. 

Something was on her lap, she looked down at the rat It squeaked. She stared at if for a moment. It jumped off and ran through the bars of the cell door leaving as easy as you please.

Have to get home soon or the god would snatch everything away. It was exhausting fighting it everyday, it... no he filled each day with crazed whispering. Shivering, she scrunched into a tight ball resting her head on her knees. It's the vines each time they grew a weakness set in each arm. So far the others haven't noticed, thankfully. 

She pulled down the strap on her leather jerkin on the right side, it itched. The vines had burrowed under the skin there and were working their way down a little further each day, they pulsed sending a burning heat down her shoulders and arms. Just need to hold out a little longer, can still fix this. She held a forearm from middle finger to thumb, the thumb overlaped the other nail. Her heart quickened and fluttered. Have a month maybe two. 

Pushing up on wobbly legs she inspected each cell bar for structural weakness, running hands over each and tugged at them. No of course not it's silly to hope that they'd be lose. The walls proved equally solid. All this did was tire her. She growled and went over to the furthest wall and sat with the back of her head propped up against it. He had to come down at some point, should have enough strength to poke that devil in the eye! That'll wipe that dimpled grin off his vicious face.

A shuffling from upstairs. The lock clicked. Finally! Backing into the corner a chamber pot tipped over spilling liquid. The smell was horrendous she suppressed a gag. When was the last time this was washed out? Never mind deal with it. She grimaced. Yes, that could work.

Light streamed down the stone stairs on the left side of the prison. The door closed with a soft click. She wrapped her right arm under her cloak as she reached back for the rim of the pot. Footsteps patted down the stairs.

Her muscles tensed and she crouched onto the pads of her feet. She actaved her night vision. He can't see me in here. A lanky male outline came around the turn of the stairs. She held her breath.

The man flowed down the hallway and stopped near the cell door, he looked back and forth. His face hidden in the shadows of his hood. All the better to give him a 'mud' facial. She suppressed a smile that tried to break out. 

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