Chapter 22

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You loved living with Sam and Dean.
You loved them both. They trained you on how to fight demons, your reading has gotten better.

One day, Dean got into a fight with Metatron and you saw Metatron killing Dean.
You: DADDY!!!
You run to Dean.
Dean: y...y/n.
You: Please don't leave me and Sammy daddy.
You then hold his hand. Sam saw you and Dean.
Sam: DEAN!
Dean held your hand tight, he knew that he wasn't going to make it.
You: Daddy...
Dean: I love you baby girl. Sammy will look after you when I'm gone.
You: But. I want you to be okay daddy. I don't want you to leave.
Dean: I'm sorry baby girl. I love you and I'm proud of you.
You: Daddy...
Sam runs over and he sees you crying.
Sam: Dean, you're going to be okay.
Dean: Sam, I'm proud of us. Please take care of my baby girl.
Dean then closes his eyes.
Sam: DEAN!
You then lay your head against Dean's chest and you cry into his shirt.
You: Daddy...
You then cry and Sam hugs you tight.

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