Chapter 14

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"that will be 7 dollars, Sir!" the pizza boy said. I can see Ty standing infront of his door and rubbing his nape. I can stop thinking about what happened earlier. He kissed me. The feeling is like, so fluffly. Everything around you starts moving slowly. As if the world is moving slowly and the feeling that its just only you and Ty. I can feel myself heating up, my face turning red. I covered my face because i dont want to see Ty looking at me.


I want to scream so loud. I want to punch something because im so happy. I dont know but i the feeling is like having butterflies in your stomach. Is this what love is like? It feels weird but its nice. I like it.

Ty closed the door and he has th pizza on his hands. "Dinners here, I guess?" he said. Does he still feel awkward about what happened earlier? Damn it i dont want him to feel awkward. In fact, i actually wish that the feeling is mutual.

If only the feeling is mutual. i would kiss him, hug him, be with him, EVERYTHING!

I stood up and got in the dining room. Ty already covered my scratch with a Bandage already. It actually doesnt hurt anymore since Ty applied that rubbing alcoho. It hurts at first but then it feels good right after.

I sat down infront of Ty. He cant look at me or anything. He is just staring at the pizza. The hot and crispy pepporoni pizza. "Ty do you feel awkward because of what happened earlier?" i asked him while i was getting a slice of pizza, feeling so innocent. "oh that? its nothing.. i.. yeah.." He replied. Damn he is now nervous. I cant stand it whenever he is like that. "Ty, its okay. Maybe its just an accident, right?" i told him while i took a bite of the pizza

"or maybe you did it on purpose. Its still fine though..." I whispered under my breath


" Nothing..." i took another bite and smiled at him. And luckily, he smiled back. "Hows the arm though?" it looks like he is still curious and concerned. " oh im fine. in fact , i feel a lot better now thanks to you!" i looked at him with a big smiled plastered on my face. "how about work though?"

He looks so cute whenever he is curious and concerned. "i called Tyler and he said its fine. And i also told him that im at your place sooooo its okay now" i took another bite of my pizza. He just nodded.

silence comes after that. Luckily Ty broke the silence off. He asked me if he wants me to watch a movie with him. I said its okay since this is like a bonding to us. He also noticed that blood stain on my shirt so he got up after he finished eating the pizza and got me a shirt. It perfectly suits me suprisingly. He asked me what kind of movie should we watch so i suggested a horror movie.

" ohhh uhhh okay sky...." he looks a little bit scared.

is he scared of horror movies?

"Hey Ty. We can watch another movie if you dont want to watch a horror movie. I dont want you to get scared or something...... NOT THAT I CARED"

damn it sky. smooth moves. smooth fucking moves.

he just refused because this is the perfect time of conquering his fears. I feel so proud of him. So he started the movie and right at the middle of the movie i can see Ty hiding under the pillow.

Damn, cutie patootie stop being cute.

I was also eating the left over pizza earlier so that we can eat something while watching the movie. I heard a jumpscare while looking for my watch. Wow its almost 9 pm. I noticed that Ty hid behind my back. I smiled and patted his back.

So much for conquering fears and shit.

The movie ended. And i just noticed that Ty was sleeping. He is leaning againts my shoulder. And i can hear him snoring. I also noticed that its almost midnight. I didnt know the movie was that long. I decided to sleep here with Ty instead. I can still go home to change and take a bath though.

I slowly kissed Tys forehead and told him my goodnight.

Tonights the best night of my life.

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