My parents finally stood from their chairs and hummed out a somewhat exhausted sigh. "We're gonna head back home. Our shift finished an hour ago. I'm so tired-"

"Wait," I interrupted, standing up also as I warily widened my eyes. "You're leaving?"

"We've been working since seven, darling," Mam spoke softly. "It's nearly five in the morning."

"I'm staying. I want to be here when he wakes up." I weakly responded as I hoped they let me. Mam rolled her eyes and sighed once more but shrugged nevertheless.

"Aren't you tired?"

"No." I whispered.

I kept my head down as they both cautiously stared at each other until one of them finally decided to speak. "They put him on ward five if you want to go see him. Call me when you need a ride home."

I wanted to thank them, but instead I shortly nodded and hurriedly jogged to the elevator. I got to ward five as soon as I could before I approached the frantic corridor, where nurses and doctors were chatting amongst themselves. I nervously stepped toward one of them, and lightly coughed.

"Excuse me," I politely said. "Do you know where Harry Styles is, please?"

A nurse with ginger, frizzy hair which was held up with a hair tie gestured me to come over to her desk. She checked her computer and hummed in thought. "What is your relation to him?"

"He's my brother." I technically lied.

"Oh, I'm sorry," She sympathetically fumbled a smile. "He's through there, he's asleep."

I thanked her quietly and immediately marched into the lonesome room, where it was gloomy with a dark blue light. Harry's bed was seen right beside me and I took a anxious breath before taking a seat beside him. He was pale, much paler than usual. He had dark shadows under his closed eyes as his light pink lips were captured by yet another oxygen mask. His long hair looked damp as it draped down his pillow, which I adjusted slightly for him.

He was warm, I could feel it in his hand. I intertwined our fingers together, except for his index because it had an oxygen sensor attached to it. His skin was soft, gentle and just... almost electrifying. I sat there... for hours. The nurses came in every once in a while for check ups but I still held his hand through it all. I just wanted him to be left alone, with just me and him.

I almost fell asleep as my head rested gently into the side of his mattress, but somehow I couldn't keep myself awake through everything. I wanted to be here... I just wanted to... see him. But it was so hard to stay awake. I fell asleep right here. Hours must have passed but I let myself rest with my hand still holding his.

I faintly opened my eyes to the sound of a grumbled, deep tone. "Harley."

I raised my head in confusion and sleepily yawned. "Huh?"

He was awake, and gazing down at me cluelessly with his cute, furrowed eyebrows. "Why are you covered in blood?"

I finally found myself fully awake as I took a deep breath and nervously shrugged. "It's yours."

He stared down aimlessly at our intertwined hands before parting his pouted lips. "Can... Can I have my hand back?"

"S-Sorry." I spluttered and pulled away immediately.

"What happened to me?" He gasped in pain slightly as he attempted to shift himself, his fingertips tracing over his hospital gown and bed sheets.

"You took acid, and... it was scary as hell."

He immediately raised his clothing away from his stomach, like he knew exactly what should be there. He huffed tiredly and lightly dabbed his stitched wound with the pad of his thumb before wincing slightly. "Shit."

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