Chapter 6- Someone in the dark.

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" Excuse me" He said and made his way to the bathroom. I walked into the living room.

Few minuets later Ally and Harry came out of the bathroom.

" The dinner must be ready" Harry said and fixed his hair and walked to the kitchen. I gasped.

Ally fixed the cute dress she was wearing. I smirked when she looked at me, and the Ally I got to know was there again.

" Your secret goes not further" I said when she sat next to me.

" Thank youu" She said and we tried not to laugh. 

" Mommy look ! " Amelia said and clapped her hands when Zayn put a blanket and put it on Liam so he looked like a ghost.

" Ah ! A ghost ! " I yelled. Amelia laughed and ran to me. 

" I'm a ghost ! " Liam said as he walked slowly to us. Amelia jumped up and down.

" You gotta stay still if you want me to protect you from the evil Liam ghost ! " I said laughing. Liam took of the blanket.

" The ghost went home" He said and Amelia turned around so she was facing him. She looked around surprised.

" She's so cute" Ally said and looked at Amelia who ran over to Niall. Niall picked her up and swung her around talking about the Liam ghost.

" Thank you, she's our bundle of joy" I said proud. 

" Is she never unhappy? " Ally asked curious.

" Oh she can lose it sometimes ! Especially at night...And when we don't let her do something that she wants...other wise she's so calm" I answered and at that moment Harry called us.

" Dinner" He said and blinked Ally who blushed.

It was amazing to have another girl in the group to talk to. We Ally got to know more about each other and before I knew it Niall poked me.

" Erm, Marissa...Amelia fell asleep in Liam's arms" He said and pointed at Liam who was singing a song as he stroke Amelia's cheek. He loved her so much that sometimes I wanted him to live with us to hug her when she had enough of me and Niall. It was the same with Louis. He was always to the rescue.

Liam stood up when Niall walked to him. 

" Thank you" Niall said when Liam handed him the girl.

" No problem" Liam said and smiled.

" Maybe we go sometimes out for lunch or something?" I suggested when I hugged Ally bye.

" Yeah....sure" Ally said but not so convincing. I must had imagine it. We thanked for ourselves and made our way home.

****************************1 hour later or so*******************************

" It's bloody Monday tomorrow" Niall said as he laid down next to me. I left out a loud breath.

" I hate mondays" I said and closet my eyes. Niall wrapped his hands around me from behind. Spooning. That was our sleeping position.

" There was no letter was it?" Niall suddenly said. 

" No...maybe you were right...maybe it was just a stupid prank" I answered and Niall kissed me on my shoulder.

" Good night babe" Niall said sleepy.

" Good night" I answered back and reached my hand out and turned of the lamp that was on my nightstand.

My eyes had been closet for 10 minuets when I heard Amelia crying. Niall was already snoring so it was my turn to go to her. 

I turned on the lights and pushed Amelia's bedroom door a little.

A terrifying feeling spread out from my chest over my whole body as I saw a black figure standing outside Amelia's bedroom window that I had forgotten to put the curtains down. It was standing in the dark, looking into the window.

Amelia was standing in her bed, crying and looking at the human shaped body outside. The figure disappeared when I finally got to turn on the lights and run over to Amelia.

" Oh god" I gasped scared and lifted Amelia out of her bed.

" It's okey baby, mommy is here" I said and stroke Amelia's forhead. My heart was pounded so hard that I was fighting for my breath. 

Who was standing outside my daughters window ???

I was so so scared. 

I heard a noise coming from the front door. With Amelia in my arms I slowly walked to the door. 

I turned on the light.

I shook my head and walked few steps away from the door.

Another letter was lying on the ground with our names on it. This time it had three lines under our names, like the person who wrote it was really mad.

" Impossible" I whispered and kissed Amelia on the forhead.

" Just impossible"

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