7 the end of my day

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As I peiced together the bits of paper the note was uncovered, the other kids had found out about it before me and dumped it.

Maggie Issatone

Reguarding the events of the last few days, we ask you to stay after school and meet in the principle's office to sort out the belongings of a certain Gabriel Dehell and other issues. We also ask you to have a month of after school detensions starting today. We hope you understand that you were on the verge of suspension or even expulsion.

I didn't think it was much to laugh at but I guess it was the whole sort out his belongings things, what thoughts could have popped into their head at that? Or maybe it was the suspension/expulsion thing? Only they know.


Chris put a hand on my shoulder and I stiffened, my spine curled, my body recoiled the slightest so that no one but me could tell.

I stood up and got some sellotape, I taped up the peices and Chris watched carefully.

"Are you OK maggie?"

"Yeah." my voice almost broke.

We stood there looking at the paper and then heard someone at the other side of the class room, Will had come to the door.

"Maggie?" he walked over, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." you could hear my voice wavering.

He stared at the note, I knew that they had now both read it.

"Why is it ripped up?"

I didn't answer.

"They did this didn't they?"

I didn't answer.

"They're so low! What's wrong with them?" He started to get angry and spat out his words with so much force I thought that he was going to turn over a desk, "I mean, is this why they were laughing?"

Yup, I answeered in my head, they were probably laughing for many things, the malicious thoughts in their head, the way the teacher didn't seem to take his death as what it really was, a death, did she not understand that? I don't know why but this got to me.

"Will, calm down." Chris tried to calm his brother and it worked.

"It's just, you haven't really seen what happens in this class."

"Is it really that bad?"

Will laughed, and I thought, no it's probably worse.

Then the rest of the class started to file in, I swiped up my note and put it into my pocket.

"Hey Will!"


"you all right man? How come you're hanging out with her again?"

"I just hung out with you once, I guess I have to meet you at somepoint, but I never ditched her."

The guy sneered and kept walking to his seat.

"I better go, see you guys later." Chris walked out of the room.

I went over to my desk and put my feet up. I looked out the window but after a while I found myself looking at G's desk, where Will was sitting.



"Do you want me to wait with you today?"

"What do you mean?"

"After school."

"You really don't have to." It was kind of sweet of him, but there really was no need for him to do that I mean how long would a meeting with the Head take? Then I had a detention.

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