Shuji Hanma

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Unsure (Hanma x reader) 9000 words

Fists were thrown, each boy with the intention of winning. It wasn't planned but after running into each other, Valhalla and the Shibuya Demons were at each other's throats. Despite being a lot smaller, the Shibuya Demons were an annoyance to the larger gang and so they seemed to clash a lot. But this was only a minor fight, one fought between the underlings of the gang rather than those higher up. This was a fight only those there would remember, although they still strived for the victory, getting back up no matter how many injuries they'd sustained. One of the Valhalla boys stood back up after receiving a strong punch to the stomach, now facing one of the members of the other gang. Gritting his teeth, he glared up at him.

"Why do you guys even bother? Valhalla is two times bigger than your shitty little gang," he yelled, not understanding how they could have such confidence in battle while they were still so small. The other boy smirked back, not hiding how sure he was about this fight. Despite his black eye and bleeding lip, he didn't look bothered at all.

"That's because we have the Mercenary on our side," he revealed, shocking the Valhalla boy. A majority of groups were unaware of who the Mercenary was, but it was obvious that this boy knew of them. Not just him either, the other Valhalla members seemed to freeze up as well.

"Fuck, let's get out of here," he called out, falling back. The other members quickly shoved their opponents back before running off. Making their way back to their hideout to let their leaders know about this new revelation.


"So, you're telling me that you ran away because they said they had someone called the Mercenary on their side?" Hanma asked his subordinate, leaning forward in his seat. He was interested in this Mercenary person, this being the first time he had ever heard of them. The boy before him nodded, struggling to see out of his bruised eye as it swelled up.

"Yeah, have you not heard about them before?" he asked, surprised that the name hadn't made it as far as his leader. Hanma tapped his chin as he gave it some thought, eventually shaking his head after not recognising the name.

"Never heard of them, are they really all that scary?" he asked in a mocking tone, enjoying the reaction of embarrassment he got. It was only the mention of the Mercenary that had scared them off, this person wasn't even there at all.

"T-they're supposed to be really strong, and they're known to be hired to fight for gangs when they get desperate. That's why they call them the Mercenary, they only fight when they get paid for it," he explained, filling Hanma in. The tall boy hummed as he leant back in his chair, thinking about it for a moment before speaking.

"Thanks for the info, but don't think we'll always be so nice if you run away from another fight," he warned, making the boy before him tense up in fear. Nodding quickly, he couldn't get a single word out of his mouth, bowing his head before disappearing into the crowd of Valhalla members. Reaching into his pocket for his phone, Hanma thought he should let Kisaki know. He didn't really care how all of this would play out in the end, he just wanted to see how the spectacled male would use this new piece if he was to get his hands on them. Sending the message, he received one back almost immediately.

Kisaki 3:47pm
I want you to find The Mercenary and get them to join us. Valhalla could really do with some more muscle, especially if they're as strong as people say they are.

Seeing the message, Hanma clicked his tongue and stood up from his seat. Walking through the crowd of Valhalla members, he left their hideout and stood outside. Although annoying, he couldn't help but smirk. He too was curious about this Mercenary, wanting to meet them himself.

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