I'm in love with this series and I really wanna write about my boys

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The title says it all. I've been in love with Tokyo Revengers as soon as I watched the few episodes of it. That's when I immediately stopped and jumped onto the manga, man is that shit good. I love writing one-shots too... I mean my one-shots are technically one-shots they're just really long. They're pretty much short stories, but I love them that way.

If you have any characters you want me to write about, please let me know and I may write about them. I already have some one-shots planned out so I might just go with them if I see a lot of people wanting a specific character. Also if you have any concepts you'd like in one of the stories then I might just use that. They will all be Character x Reader stories, whether that be x female or male readers. Anyway, let's start off with a Hanma one because I'm obsessed with him. I am not sorry :D

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