Shades From Beyond: The Gavel's Box

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    In Brayvel City there was a young woman by the name of Harriet Mortensen that was getting ready to buy her mother Julie Mortensen a gift. Harriet's mother was a judge who was currently working a murder case. As a surprise Harriet was able to get online a gavel with its own wooden box in a website which was called The Gavel Store. This would be the first time that she had gotten her mother a gift that was related to her work.

      When Harriet returned to her house she found that her boyfriend Isaac Stees was waiting for her to give her the gift that he had obtained Harriet's mother with the help of his sister Lydia which were a pair of expensive earrings. Harriet put the wooden box over the dining table. Harriet liked to play a game that consisted of two truths and one lie. Harriet did not like when people did not follow the rules of the game like saying two lies instead of one. Isaac asked Harriet to tell him two truth and one lie. First, Harriet mentioned that she found a great new restaurant where they could dine. She then told him that she bought her mother a gavel which was inside the wooden box and then she mentioned that she had bought over the Internet a box set of his favorite television series Wings. When Harriet mentioned the last thing the gavel inside the wooden box moved by itself and knocked on the wooden box which freaked both Harriet and Isaac. Harriet then decided to tell a truth by mentioning that she knew how to rollerblade ever since she was ten. No knocking sound came from the wooden box. Then she said that the name of Isaac's sister was Rachel which was a lie. After saying that the gavel knocked on the wooden box which apparently had a gavel that could detect what was the truth and what was a lie.

       Harriet then called her mom Julie during the afternoon when she was free and she explained to her what was happening with the gift that she recently got her. At first, Julie was very skeptical and then she decided to play the game of two truths and one lie. Julie remembered that Harriet loved to play that game when she was younger with her best friend Lori Tayman who had moved very far away with her parents since her mother Donna Tayman had a great job waiting for her. Julie started the game by saying that she lived her husband Spencer very much which was the truth, the second thing that she said was that she did not know where Lori Tayman was and as she said that the gavel knocked on the wooden box. Julie then also said that she was helping someone in need in her house. Harriet did not know that her mother was helping someone in her house and when she found out that it was Lori Harriet told Isaac that they needed to get to her mother's house which was 33 minutes away. Isaac drove there and they took the gavel in the wooden box with them.

     While Isaac drove there Harriet was trying to find out why Lori was staying with her mother by talking to her. Harriet was able to find out by talking to Julie that Lori's boyfriend who was a man named Brent Underwood was beating her so she went to Julie's home since Lori had always kept in contact with her. After Lori's family had moved her friendship with Harriet had sort of fizzled away yet she formed a long friendship with Julie who wrote constantly to her and her family. When Harriet and Isaac arrived to their destination they saw that in front of the doorway was Lori's boyfriend Brent demanding to see Lori. Julie and her husband Spencer would not let Brent inside the house. When Harriet got out of the car with the wooden box with the gavel she asked if he was Brent Underwood to which he replied yes. Then Harriet asked him if he had beaten Lori. Brent said no and the gavel knocked the wooden box. Harriet then asked Brent if he had ever beaten other women before to which he replied no and then the gavel smashed right through the wooden box and smashed Brent until he was unconscious. The gavel was completely intact afterwards while the wooden box fixed itself up and Brent was taken into custody by the police. After that incident Lori filed a restraining order against Brent. In the end, Lori got a job as a science teacher in her former high school while she reestablished her friendship with Harriet who married Isaac. On the other hand, Julie kept the magical gavel inside the supernatural wooden box which was very helpful in a court of law to see who was lying and who was saying the truth. Julie also let Lori stay with her in her daughter's former room. Everyone had a better life after that and they learned to value the importance of helping each other out.

                                                                The End 

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