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| Q U I N N |

I lean back in my chair, my eyes threatening to close. It's just so hard to stay awake in school mostly because I never get enough sleep. Like ever.

"Yo! Wake up!" I jump back slightly at the loud clapping in my face. I turn my head and let out a irritated groan at my friend. "Stayed up watching YouTube again?"

I slowly nod as I slump farther down in my chair, not even bothering to question how she knew. I should be used to it by now. I tell her a lot of things and then usually forget I told her, I shouldn't be surprised that she knows so much.

"Cassie, did we have Chemistry homework?" I ask before I start to yawn. "Damn, I really didn't get much sleep,"

Cassie sits down and starts up at the ceiling for a moment before turning her attention back to me, "Hell if I know,"

"Thanks," I reply, shooting her a thumbs-up. She quickly smiles in return and starts to shuffle through her books as if to check them. She was extremely disorganized, but then again so was I. She, though, was on a whole other level.

"Fück," she sighs. "I forgot to read Huckle Finn last night," She slams her head against her desk and I let out a laugh. "Well," she starts, sitting up. "Thankfully English is after lunch, I can cram in some info then,"

"And people say I procrastinate," I mutter and Cassie scoffs. I knew why she was scoffing. Why? Because it was still true as fück. I can't seem to manage a real schedule. If something's due Friday, I'll do it on Thursday before I head off to bed.

Cassie turns to me, a smile wide on her face. "Did you hear about the iHeartRadio awards?" I couldn't help but smile at what she was insinuating.

Cassie and I had quite a lot of things in common and one of them happened to be our love for the smoking hot Australian band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

"Poor Luke," she points out before shrugging and turning her attention to her notebook. It's quiet after that, mostly because we're both too tired or interested in other things to carry on the conversation.

I glance up my from desk in an effort to stay awake, and I let out another irritated sign. Cassie's head perks up and follows my gaze to the door.

When I first thought of High School, I couldn't wait to be separated from my middle school friends. It sounds rude but it's not that bad. Most of my middle school friends sucked, like really badly, or they just made my life a living hell.

Cassie though had got enrolled in my high school during sophomore year. I didn't mind her too much though because most girls here were prissy bïtches and she wasn't bad in middle school.

Unluckily, the one girl who had practically lived for hating me had chosen this school, just like I did. Her name? Jennifer Fückïng Dailey.

She waltzes into the classroom, her chin up as she makes her way to her seat. Everything about her is wrong and disgusting. She acts like she is all that but she's just a priss, like everyone else.

"God," Cassie breathes out just loud enough for only me to hear. "Could her skirts be any shorter?"

I stifle a laugh as I glance over at her. Cassie was right, her skirt was barely at mid thigh. The weird thing about her though? She is one of those preppy looking bïtches. She wears plaid pleated skirts, knee-high socks, flats, button-ups, ties, and blazers.

As if that would help the fact she threw herself at any guy who made eye-contact with her.

When the bell chimes, Cassie and I get to our feet as we go our separate ways, for first period anyway. She's got History first while I've got the worst subject ever, Algebra.

I walk down the halls, making my way to Algebra when she walks over, the sound of the tiny heels on her flats clacking against the marble floors. "Hey Quinn," she greets in a cheery tone. "You don't happen to have some spare notes, do you?"

Her voice is so sickening sweet, I almost want to barf. "Nope, sorry," I reply shrugging.

"Aww," Jennifer pouts, trying to put on her best puppy dog face. "Are you absolutely sure?"

I nod my head, not wanting to talk to her any longer.

Jennifer sighs, "Well that's too bad I guess. Anyhow, did you watch the iHeartRadio awards?" I raise an eyebrow and can't help but wonder where she's going with this.

Jennifer had this habit of acting super nice to me although her intentions were never ever nice.

"Well, those 5sos boys you're always talking," she starts off as I cringe. She went ahead and pronounced it like 5 es-oh-es, whether she did purposely or not. "They were there. Omg, I never knew how cute they were! They are like...way cute,"

I roll my eyes and sigh in relief as I get to Algebra. I push the door open, Jennifer following me in. She has the class too, but she never sits near me. I'm safe.

I walk to the back and lean back in my chair, my stomach flopping as Jennifer makes her way back, sitting down beside me.

"As I was saying," Jennifer starts off once again. I slump down, hating my life entirely. "They're way cute. I'm so looking forward to those tickets my dad got me!"

I sat up straight, tickets? She got tickets?! She doesn't even know them!

"In the front too," she boasts before the teacher walks in, tapping the ruler harshly against the board to gain our attention.

Jennifer got tickets to go and see the band that is my entire life, and she doesn't even know them. Not to mention the tickets are for the front.

Every little hope I have of ever meeting them, or even seeing them, is just slowly melting in the sun.


Kind of an intro chapter, if you couldn't tell. I had to introduce our characters and one chapter is a good idea. It'll get better though, especially when 'it' happens.

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